Best across the board music software sequencer Steinberg Cubase (Mac & PC)

August 8, 2006

If you’re new to music making you may already have heard about Cubase as it has dominated computer music for the last couple of decades going right back to its version 1 days on the Atari. Like all of the traditional software packages you build up your music track by track (the tracks appearing horizontally on the left hand side of the display) using tape control buttons to play and record notes. Your music is recorded in each track in real time minutes and seconds or musical bars and beats travelling from left to right. You end up with a grid of blocks that represent your song as an arrangement. Cubase has tonnes of editing features, software instruments and effects included so you can make music with the software alone although eventually you will want to expand by adding extra virtual instruments and possibly extra audio editing software. Cubase is the daddy of all sequencers and available for Mac and PC. We offer the complete Cubase range from SE (at £99 inc VAT) right up to Cubase SX (£499). There are educational discounts and extra bundles too such as Studiocase which is a ‘best of Steinberg’ featuring SE plus a lot of extra virtual instruments for just £179.You can read about the full range of Steinberg sequencer packages here.

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