Best Professional Mac music software Apple Logic

August 8, 2006

Apple’s serious music package may only run under OSX but it has a great heritage and a huge fan base around the world. It’s arguably smoother running than Cubase as it has been optimised for Macs only so no compromise has been made getting it working on two platforms. Feature wise it possibly excels over Cubase although there are just as many people that will tell you that it suffers in terms of ease of use. Certainly if you are a beginner, Logic may be daunting but once you get into it you will need very little more especially if you opt for the full-blown Apple Logic Pro bundle (£639) that contains possibly the best suite of music software out there including synths, samplers, guitar amps and effects. If that outlay is just too much, you may want to get a taste of Logic for less with Apple Logic Express (£179) which has less instruments but still includes a couple of neat synths and effects to get you going.You can read about the full range of Apple/Emagic products here.


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