Why would Reason Be Good For Me?

September 18, 2006

Propellerheads Reason really is the defining ‘all-in-one’ music production package.  It offers a powerful but intuative interface based on modelling hardware devices rather than complicated software operations.  This makes it very easy to pick up and start making music.  Straight out of the box you receive the following virtual equipment.

  1. Malstrom Graintable Synthesizer – Ideal for lush pads
  2. Subtractor Synthesizer – Perfect for bass and lead phrases
  3. Redrum Drum Machine – Create rhythm tracks with ease
  4. NN-19 Sampler – Used to play back simple samples
  5. NN-XT Sampler – Used to accuratley reproduce traditional instruments such as Piano
  6. Dr. Rex Loop Player – Allows you to import any rex audio loop
  7. Matrix Pattern Sequencer – Allows you to quickly and easily create bass and lead lines
  8. BV512 Vocoder – For that retro vocoded sound
  9. Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit – Bored with a particular sound? Use this device to mess it up!
  10. A whole host of effects units including reverb, delay, distortion, filter, chorus and phaser to name but a few

But none of the above would be very useful unless you could arrange your parts into a complex song and this is where Reason really shines.  Reason has its own sequencer which is both extremely powerful but at the same time easy to use. Create complex rhythm parts using Redrum then simply click ‘copy to track’ and your drums can be sequenced, create a funky bassline in the Matrix Pattern Sequencer then simply click ‘copy to track’ and your bassline can be sequenced, click record and then move any knobs or faders, play the song back and hey presto the knobs and faders mimic your movements exactly.  Combine Reason with a MIDI controller keyboard and you will have any number of electronic or acoustic sounds at your fingertips which can be recorded at the touch of a button.

There are no additional cost.  No need for additional virtual instruments, no need for additional virtual effects, just create a new project and start making music.  In the unlikely event that you need more sounds than the ones included in the package Reason can also be expanded via the huge number of comercial refills available on the market.

One comment

  1. All modern music producers, both professional and amateur, should own a copy of Reason! Your blog sums up Reason’s power very well!

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