Propellerheads announces the Big Sounds Championships!

October 20, 2006

How big is big enough? Well, the sky is the limit as we open the Propellerhead Big Sounds Championships.

There is no question that the Combinator device introduced in Reason 3 lets you create big, big sounds. But just how big can they possibly get? Exactly how earth shatteringly enormous can you make your sounds before it gets too much for the human psyche to comprehend? It’s time to find out.

The Big Sounds Championships consists of four separate contests – Big Bass, Big Lead, Big Pad and the final monstrosity: Plain Huge! Today, we start looking for the demon of the deep, the pharaoh of phat – the Baron of Bass!

The Big Sounds Championships wouldn’t be much of a contest without prizes, now would it? For this, the first leg of the contest, we figured a set of really nice headphones would be appropriate. For all those times when the neighbors don’t appreciate your late night mixing or your girlfriend is trying to get some sleep, a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro will ensure you still have top sound quality. Just send in the best patch and they’re yours.

On top of that, the makers of the best three patches also get a stylish Reason sweater – 100% brushed fleece cotton with ribbed sides panels for that perfect fit, to quote the Prop Shop. Pretty big of us, huh?

The first part of the contest ends on October 27, so hurry up and start  tweaking! Read all about the rules and regulations that will keep this contest from growing out of all believable bounds here: http://www.propellerheads.se/go/63F1E78E

One comment

  1. Hi Good people, as mentioned in your article here, Propellorheads had a Reason contest with the launch of the combinator as follows in 2006:

    The contest was divided into sub categories like Big Lead! , Big Pad!, Plain Huge! and Big Bass!

    Do you know where I can get the patches of the above, I downloaded them as free issues after the winners were announced and have lost them with a hard drive crash. Fortunately all the music is still in place but I cannot modify them or create new music with them.

    Propellorheads have informed me they dont have them on their system anymore and cannot help. I noticed you anounced the competition on your site and wonder if one of your musical fellows have a copy of the above patches.

    Really appreciate your help.

    Brian Hudson
    Unilever IT South Africa

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