Shure Beta Microphone Cash Back Promotion

November 3, 2006

Purchase a wired Shure Beta microphone between 1st October 2006 and 31st December 2006 & get £10 back from Shure!.

This promotion applies to the following products only: Beta 58A, Beta 87A, Beta 87C, Beta 57A, Beta 91, Beta 52A, Beta 56A, Beta 98/S, Beta 98D/S, Beta 8H/C, Beta 54, Beta 53.

Make a copy of the original purchase receipt. Shure Distribution UK will only accept receipts from authorised UK resellers such as Dolphin Music!

Fill out the rebate form available for download from this link.

Send the completed rebate form along with a copy of the original receipt to the following address:

Shure Distribution UK
167-171 Willoughby Lane
London, N17 0SB

Once Shure Distribution UK has received and reviewed the completed paperwork a cheque for £10 will be sent to you.

Enjoy your Cash Back!

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