Creamware SCOPE system

November 24, 2006

Arguably the first company to really go for it DSP-wise were Creamware who, with their SCOPE system, produced the first proper computer music all-in-one environment back in 1998! (Or at least that’s when I had one!) The system is still around today and available in updated formats across a large range. SCOPE Project (£749) has six SHARC processors and over 60 plug-in instruments and effects. SCOPE Project Professional (£1,467) has 14 processors and all the software and connectors from the Project card and is something of a monster card all in all. Finally Creamware’s SCOPE Home (£349) is the entry level system which has three SHARCS and around 40 plug-in instruments and effects. The beauty of the Creamware system is that you get every component of the music studio in soft form, including synths, mixer, samplers and so on, all of which you can control virtually.


One comment

  1. The creamware system is pretty solid. The sound on the synths and effects are far better then most VST plugins/synths and you don’t have the processing overhead. The ability to use realtime plugins and do crazy routin can really open up creative possibilities.

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