New kids on the DSP block

November 24, 2006

Over the last couple of years a few other companies have got in on the hardware accelerating act. Muse are a new company but their first product was a bold one, in the form of the Receptor (£999). Essentially it’s a rack mount computer with a big hard drive to run any VST based instruments. The idea is that it has all the power and the glory of a PC but none of the mobility and stability issues. Another great idea!

Focusrite are well regarded for their hardware outboard gear which is found in pretty much every major studio around the world. The Liquid Mix (£495) delivers 32 channels of EQ and compression power with over 60 emulations modelled on some classic gear. The unit has garnered some great reviews and is now available for both Mac and PC platforms.

Last but definitely not least, SSL have just released Duende (£995) which is another power-packed hardware box, but this time with software that replicates the signal processing found in SSL consoles so offers their sound – a sound that costs tens of thousands of pounds by the way – for a shade under a grand. Nice!

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