TC PowerCore DSP Platform

November 24, 2006

TC were one of the first companies to embrace the DSP add-on theory. PowerCore is the name given to the series of products, and the first of which we’ll deal with here is the PowerCore PCI MKII (£649) which has four processors and will slot very nicely into a standard PCI socket. The software plug-ins you get are many and varied including the 24/7 compressor, ClassicVerb reverb, Filtroid filter and about a dozen more. And, remember, we are talking top quality for these plugs. Powercore Unplugged (£419) is pretty much identical although you don’t get the software bundled with it, so you can assemble your own collection from scratch from TC or other companies that produce titles for the PowerCore platform, like Access and Sony Oxford. PowerCore Compact (£499) is a portable version of the PCI card aimed at laptop users (both Mac and PC) and connectable via FireWire. It features less in the way of DSP but a dozen effects. The Daddy of the TC PowerCore range is the FireWire (£799) with all the effects and extra power hosted within an elegant desktop solution. All of these will work almost invisibly with your computer set-up. In the FireWire’s case, all you get is a calming blue, glowing light…


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