FireWire fun

January 3, 2007

FireWire interfaces are also plentiful at Dolphin. The cheaper models include the M-Audio FW 410 (£234.99) which features flexible routing within its four-in and 10-out architecture. The Presonus Firebox (£219) is a tiny but powerful interface with two mic/instrument preamps and six outs. The Edirol FA-101 (£289.99) is one of the most powerful interfaces within this price range offering a massive 10-ins and 10-outs in a rugged box. Stepping up a gear and you get the MOTU 828 MkII (£540) which has a massive 20-input/22-output spec which – on top of offering huge simultaneous recording options – also enables huge routing flexibility allowing you to add external processing to the signal path pretty much wherever you wish! With the Digidesign MBox 2 (£559) you are starting to get into full production territory as the interface comes with flexible routing and a whole bunch of processor plug-ins. Focusrite’s Saffire series (starting at £229.99) also ups the ante offering some great processing for your signal and a full production environment. Like we said back at the beginning, many of these are ‘so much more than just interfaces’, and that’s even before we hit the top end of FireWire interfacing. With the Digidesign Digi 002 (starting at £999) you get an interface, a suite of software and a controller all in one. M-Audio also weigh in here with the Project Mix I/O (£749) which again resembles a sophisticated mixer and again offers all the signal routing you could ask for plus effects and control. Also offering the appearance and advantages of an analogue mixer (but all the benefits of digital interfacing) is the Yamaha 01X (£729) which, with its MLAN technology, has been designed as the heart of an audio/MIDI set-up.

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