MOTU Ultralite wins top honors as Best Audio Interface

April 26, 2007

Everyone seems to be getting excited about MOTU’ s UltraLite FireWire Audio Interface. Want to know why? Read on…
The editors of Electronic Musician and Future Music magazines have given the MOTU UltraLite their award for Best Audio Interface of 2006. Read what they – and other respected industry publications – have to say about the UltraLite.

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Electronic Musician: Winner – Electronic Musician 2007 Editors’ Choice Award for Best Audio Interface

“MOTU’s UltraLite packs a lot of punch for its size, in terms of both features and audio quality.”

“The UltraLite’s audio quality is great, and its mic pres are more than adequate and provide lots of headroom and gain. Details like +4 dB operation and the ability to easily route mixed audio back to the computer make the UltraLite a pro-quality device in a budget-priced package.”

“With a computer and digital-audio-sequencing application, the UltraLite is really in its element. It’s a front end that’s useful and cool. You can even name your inputs. The combination of MOTU’s well-designed hardware and compatible software sets a high standard for compact FireWire setups. Details like +4 dB operation and the option to easily route mixed audio back to the computer make the UltraLite a pro-quality device in a budget-priced package.”

“The system sounds great and is expandable. With AudioDesk and CueMix Console included, it offers almost every feature a computer-based recordist could need, and throws in SMPTE, talkback, and four stereo buses. With MOTU’s software, the system operates seamlessly, and the clear, well-written manual provides detailed instructions for use with other Core Audio software and with Windows software, including ASIO (Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo), WDM (Cakewalk Sonar), and GSIF (Tascam GigaStudio) applications. The UltraLite package is a great choice if you’re looking for a pro-quality compact FireWire recording system, and the included software makes it especially attractive.”

Future Music: Winner – 2007 Future Music Ace Awards: Best Audio Interface Product

“Rugged, hip design, pro features like on-board metering and a powerful set of 10-in/14-out I/O options made UltraLite the stand-out performer in a crowded field of excellent audio interfaces that came out in 2006. The included AudioDesk software is the icing on the cake.”

“Full standalone control of an audio interface like this is astonishing (and it works).”

“For standard computer audio interface usage MOTU provides their excellent CueMix Console software, which operates the UltraLite via a virtual mixer graphical interface.”

“MOTU’s CueMix Console works superbly, whether in conjunction with or independent of your DAW software. The UltraLite’s drivers are rock-solid and the preamps and converters are as clean, punchy and generally as high quality as we’ve come to expect from MOTU.”

“As well as making a great introduction to Digital Performer, AudioDesk could easily serve as a serious DAW for anyone…even if you’ve already made your sequencing choice, I’d strongly urge anyone to try this surprisingly powerful application anyway. You might just fall in love with it.”

Remix Magazine

“MOTU has come correct with UltraLite. At this price and size, it wields explosive power, both as an expandable interface and as a stand-alone digital mixer. The sound quality is superb, and along with a Mac or PC (with or without a DAW), UltraLite is smart and easy to learn.”

“I don’t typically like stepped volume pots, but UltraLite’s are definitely an exception; a move of several steps causes a 1dB change on the headphones and main outputs (at lower volumes, the number of steps gradually decreases). This level of accuracy was quite pleasing.”

“UltraLite’s preamps had plenty of push.”

“In short, CueMix is great stuff.”

Recording Magazine

“Voilà! Say hello to the UltraLite, which packs ten inputs and fourteen outputs into a half-rackspace metal casing that’s tough enough for anything the recording world can inflict on it, physical violence included.”

“Oh, and did we mention that it sounds fantastic? It sounds fantastic. The preamps and converters set a high standard.”

“Bottom line: if you were interested in MOTU’s interfaces and were waiting for something a bit smaller, a bit more affordable, and with slightly fewer options (of the kind many small rigs wouldn’t need anyway), take a look at the UltraLite. It’s small, it’s mighty, it rocks.”


  1. I am running MOTUs Digital perfromer and am thinking about purchasing the Alesis MultiMix 8USB little mixing board but I understand that the Alesis USB board is desinged to run with Q-Base. Will it be able to talk to my Mac G5s Digital Performer?
    Chris Purrington

  2. I love the MOTU ultralite , which I bought from http://www.musicthingz.co.nz in New Zealand. They are New Zealand’s largest audio and instrument music store so if you’re from New Zealand or Australia then http://www.musicthingz.co.nz is probably the place to buy it from , every other store has silly prices. When the MOTU ultralite arrived I was amazed at the quality of the preamps. Brilliant! if you want more of a review. Is anybody after Instruments DJ Gear Recording Playback Mixers Microphones
    Studio/Live Sound Effects Guitar pickups Speakers New Gear Accessories Numark stanton fulltone boss dunlop ibanez gibson fender keyboard guitar electro harmonix audio technica CAD MXR presonus focusrite Rolls rane peavey RME??? I have a whole lot of stuff I need to get rid of…email me on vivoce_fashion@hotmail.com

  3. Nice bit of self promotion by Musicthingz there but we thought people might want to hear a true customer story to put them in the picture…..

    A TASCAM interface was recently bought from Musicthingz (who incidentally claim to offer the best prices on the net) but the customer actually paid $30 more than the NZ retail price for it which doesn’t sound like a good deal to me!
    When it arrived several weeks later the box had been mutilated to remove the serial number and the serial number had also been removed from the back of the unit. As the customer was concerned about this (and the fact that Musicthingz were offering a genuine manufacturers warranty) contact was made with TASCAM direct who looked into the matter and have now stated that “they do not repair or cover the warranties of any Tascam products sold by Musicthingz” .

    It turns out the majority of the products Musicthingz sell are simply parallel imported to order from web stores in the US hence why delivery took so long.
    I’m sure most of the manufacturers will take the same stance as TASCAM when it comes to warranty, especially if the serial number has been removed as they have no way of telling if it is a stolen item or not. All the NZ agents of the major brands have stated they will not cover warranty on items bought from Musicthingz with serial numbers removed so the claim of Musicthingz to offer a manufacturers warranty must be called into question. If you combine that with the fact that a lot of their prices seem to be more than retail price it seems this website isn’t quite the amazing place to shop that it portrays itself as……

    …buyer beware! Buy only genuine NZ goods from webstores that clearly state they provide NZ new goods with a genuine NZ Manufacturers warranty.
    Here is a list of a few such genuine sites

  4. We are using an Utlalite for some radio automation.

    I do have one question? Anyway to get it to come on
    by itself in case of power state reboot?



  5. Hi, if anyone can help posting or givin feedback about Motu Ultralite (not-MK#) old model Drivers link, I will appreciate, or If anyone tryed or issues, plz, thnx… pauloandes@gmail.com

  6. oh oh

  7. I do have one question? Anyway to get it to come on
    by itself in case of power state reboot?

  8. แหล่มเลย ชอบมาก

  9. http://www.musicthingz.com/

    New Zealand’s Online Audio/instrument megastore – currently selling MOTU new and genuine at New Zealand’s lowest prices.

  10. I wonder if MOTU will release an update to the Ultralite shortly ..
    They recently released an update which has both Firewire and USB connectivity but other manufacters are releasing newer models while MOTU aren’t … maybe it’s a classic

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