sE Electronics Reflexion Filter wins SATISFECIT award

January 12, 2008

sE Electronic’s Reflexion Filter, a portable acoustic treatment device for vocals and instrument recording, beat tough competition to earn the SATISFECIT award for best acoustic product at SATIS 2007, France’s premier audiovisual technology expo, attended by over 20,000 professionals.

The SATISFECIT award recognizes innovative products that solve problems, make daily work easier, and/or represent a dramatic improvement in cost effectiveness. Judges for the SATISFECIT award comprised a distinguished panel of French production, postproduction, and video professionals:


Olivier Binet – PDG Tapages Olivier Binet – PDG Tapages
Jacques Pigeon – Monteur, truquiste Jacques Pigeon – Assembler, truquiste
Alain Chaptal – Journaliste – Sonovision Broadcast Alain Chaptal – Journalist – Sonovision Broadcast
Antoine Gruber Directeur de Play & Pause Director Antoine Gruber & Play Pause
Jean Christophe Coin – Directeur technique – Groupe Transatlantic Jean Christophe Coin – CTO – Groupe Transatlantic
Patrick Lespagnol – Directeur technique – Quinta Industries Patrick Lespagnol – CTO – Quinta Industries
Jean-Baptiste Neyrac – Directeur Général – Neyrac Films Jean-Baptiste Neyrac – CEO – Neyrac Films
Jacqueline Delaunay – Directrice générale – Tatou Jacqueline Delaunay – General Manager – Tatou

The SatisFecit awards, reinitiated this year to mark the 25th anniversary of SATIS, recognise the most innovative products on the market across three categories – Production, Post-production, and Broadcast.

A huge number of manufacturers, excited by this initiative, registered their products in this competition. A  total of 51 products were short listed for the subject of careful study by the jury, composed of experts from the professional audiovisual community, and the public. From this final short list only 23 products were chosen for awards for demonstrating their innovation and competition to the highest possible level from the entire audio industry.

James Young of sE Electronics says “We are extremely proud of this award. Many people doubted the efficacy of a product that, on the face of it, appears so simple. However 2007 has seen us win a large number of awards for the Reflexion Filter, and sales now top 30,000 units. It is one of the most successful products in the audio industry during 2007, and sales continue to grow coming into 2008 as more and more people find it an invaluable tool in project studios, commercial recording studios, broadcast, voice over and many other areas.”

He continues “it is a resounding endorsement of the Reflexion Filter that it is not only hugely popular product, but has also now gained the highest critical acclaim… a rare thing in our industry.”

For more information on the Reflexion Filter please visit the product page on Dolphin Music.

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