Get a free PreSonus MSR with every FireStudio!

March 26, 2008

If you’re planning to buy a great FireWire interface, the PreSonus is one of the best options right now. Made even better because it’s UK distributor is doing a fantastic promo – when you buy the FireStudio, you’ll get a MSR Remote Control (worth £159) for free!

The MSR (monitor station remote, shown pictured) is a complete surround/stereo speaker manager, input switcher and communication system for the FireStudio, delivering a more efficient and flexible work flow. The MSR connects to the FireStudio via standard Cat 5 Ethernet cable to keep the work space as clean as possible. There are also two headphone outputs on the FireStudio for even further flexibility and convenience.

To claim your free MSR, you must purchase the relevant PreSonus product from an authorised dealer such as Dolphin Music, and then simply download and complete the rebate form, and post it to Source Distribution along with a copy of your invoice and the serial number barcode from the product box. We will then dispatch your free product directly to you.

Please note – conditions apply, see form for details.

Download rebate form here

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