Yamaha Download – Great New Service For Yamaha Users!

August 11, 2008

The Yamaha Download brings you the latest news and views from Yamaha UK. It has exclusive interviews, gear demos and live music as we talk to the artists who use Yamaha instruments in session and on some of the biggest stages in the world.

In this month’s edition they speak exclusively with Jamie Cullum about his new album, go stateside with emerging blues legend Joe Bonamassa and listen to Antonio Forcione put the new handcrafted L series guitars through their paces.

Yamaha also have a live track from Doal Drummer, this month’s Band for a Grand. Yamaha have set themselves the challenge of creating a full band set up for under a thousand pounds. Each month they select a band from all the MP3s that are offered by you to their website and invite them to come along to Yamaha HQ to record a song for the Download. All the songs are being stored on the Yamaha Download website and later in the year you’ll get a chance to vote for your favourite.

To subscribe to the Yamaha Download visit iTunes and if you want to check out the Yamaha Download back catalogue and listen to recent Band for a Grand performers, visit www.yamahapodcasts.co.uk

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