September 3, 2008

At long last we are proud to announce that the next generation of Universal Audio’s much-loved plug-in platform is now here and shipping in the UK.

UAD2 boasts up to 10 times the DSP power of UAD1, some very exciting new plug-in partners, and extremely attractive upgrade offers. UAD2 prices start at just £399 inc VAT.

UAD2 comes in 3 different card types – Solo, Duo and Quad (this refers to the number of SHARC processors on the card). Solo has x2.5 the power of UAD1, Duo has x5 the power of UAD1, while Quad has a whopping x10 the power of UAD1.

Each card then has three associated package options: Core, Flexi and Nevana, making a total of 9 possible UAD2 packages.

The Base package provides the basic UA ‘Mix Essentials II’ plug-in selection (consisting of the 1176SE compressor, CS-1 channel strip, Pultec EQP-1A equaliser and Realverb Pro reverb) plus a $50 plug-in voucher. This is the lowest cost UAD2 option and is ideal for existing UAD1 users who have sufficient plug-ins and just need extra DSP power.

The Flexi package provides the same Mix Essentials II selection plus a $500 plug-in voucher, allowing customers to enjoy extra power and acquire more plug-ins.

Finally, the Nevana packages provide Mix Essentials II plus key UA Neve plug-ins, allowing the user to create his own virtual Neve console of 32, 64 or 128 channels!

New UA plug-in partners include Valley People, Empirical Labs, Moog, Harrison and Little Labs, which join UA’s already impressive partner list of Boss, Helios, Neve, Roland, SPL, Fairchild and Pultec.

Customers can run UAD1 and UAD2 concurrently, and for a limited period the following crossgrade promos are available:

All existing UAD1 users can crossgrade ALL their authorised plug-ins to UAD2 completely FREE of charge until the end of 2008, and secondly registered UAD1 owners will also be rewarded with bonus UAD$ vouchers up to $250 for each registration of a UAD2 card before the end of the year. Additionally, UA’s existing $150 promo will continue until the end of September, so customers can bag themselves an extra voucher if they move fast!

UAD2 is PCIe only, and of the current UAD1 range all products will continue unchanged except UAD1Ultra (which is PCI), UAD1E Expert, UAD1E Extreme and UAD-NevanaX2 (all of which are PCIe).

All UAD-2 Formats Are Now Available from Dolphin Music


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