Recording Made Simple – Recordings Made by You!

October 28, 2008

Ever fancied your hand at recording but never quite took the plunge for what ever reason? Maybe you didn’t know how, or you didn’t have the right gear, or you simply thought you weren’t good enough to worry about making a recording of yourself.

Audiogram 6AUDIOGRAM 6


Audiogram 3AUDIOGRAM 3


Whether you’re starting out on the path to become a Grammy award winning producer, recording a song as a gift for someone special, or simply recording a voice over for a home video or a podcast, there is absolutely no reason in this day and age to not at least give recording a go – just like learning to play an instrument, making your own recordings is great fun. One things for sure – every note you play, every word you sing, every laugh you create is lost forever ……….. if you don’t record it!

With the introduction of AUDIOGRAM 3 and AUDIOGRAM 6 recording systems, Yamaha have created a simple, understandable and affordable solution for turning any USB equipped desktop or laptop computer into a powerful yet intuitive tool for recording and editing audio.

Sold as a complete kit the AUDIOGRAM 3 and AUDIOGRAM 6 each bundle together a hardware USB interface that adds a variety of useful audio inputs and outputs to your computer, CUBASE AI4 software for recording audio and producing music, and a USB cable for connecting the audio interface.

What’s more, setup is as easy as installing the bundled music-production application, CUBASE AI, on your computer and connecting the audio interface using the USB cable provided! You’re then ready to connect instruments, microphones, CD players, MP3 players, and even old tape players for recording straight into CUBASE AI.

Because AUDIOGRAM hardware is designed and built using the same basic principles and skills as Yamaha’s leading analog consoles – used at many major events around the world – you can be confident that the sound quality is great as each unit undergoes the same rigorous QC and part selection that you’d expect with any of our mixers – whether they cost £90 or £90k.

The Soft Approach

AUDIOGRAM series includes Steinberg’s full-featured Cubase AI4 software. Cubase AI4 is a comprehensive music production software based on the flagship Cubase 4 program that has been specially created for Yamaha hardware users. It gives you up to 48 simultaneous audio tracks and 64 MIDI tracks, plus a variety of VST plug-in software synths and effects, as well as full VSTi compatibility. The ‘AI’ in Cubase AI4 stands for Advanced Integration, and this new software delivers sophisticated functions and a level of hardware/software integration that other programs can’t match.

More Info:

Yamaha Audiogram 6

Yamaha Audiogram 3

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