Channel Five’s ‘The Gadget Show’ Focuses on Music Recording

November 6, 2008

Channel 5ive series The Gadget show has recently been looking at home recording Vs  Studio sessions. Here is the results



The Gadget Show tests the latest gadgets and technology and tells you, the viewers exactly what kit to buy.

Each week, there’s a main challenge usually featuring the show’s two main presenters, Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry. They face a serious of tasks aimed at testing particular types of gadgetry to the limits.

Here’s a list of some of the gear featured on the show:

Software: quite a few were mentioned, but the special mention got to be Melodyne, which turned Suzi’s out of tune vocals into a thing of beauty!

Propellerhead Reason 4

Celemony Melodyne Plugin

Steinberg Cubase 4

Apple Logic Studio

Studio Essentials: a Reflexion Filter is quite important, as well as good headphones and monitors, and the ones listed here are the ones we spotted at the show. One thing we couldn’t quite identify was the microphone Suzi used, but to achieve great, clear vocals when recording, you should do as her and get a good Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, such as the Audio-Technica AT 4033 A/SM or SE Electronics SE4400A.

SE Electronics The Reflexion Filter

Sennheiser HD280 Pro Black headphones.

KRK Rokit Powered 8 G2 monitors

Keyboard Controller:

M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2

Effects for Vocals: Want to talk like a robot? Daft Punk love it, “DJ Slaphead” couldn’t get enough of it, and you can have lots of fun with it!


Source Channel Five


  1. Thank for your post.

  2. ableton is better re the software recording stuff

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