Podcasting: What is it? How do I do that?

November 21, 2008


Podcasting is creating your own content (mp3 or video for example ) with intent for users to download using one of several programs that have been created to retrieve your audio file automatically, like iTunes or Google reader etc.

Podcasting is simply distributing audio content using RSS. The process is suprisingly simple, and by making audio content available using RSS, podcasters give listeners more control over what they listen to and when. Also, many podcasts are available for syndication, which increases a broadcasters exposure.

For more infomation on RRS check our article here

Here is a breakdown of what you will need and need to know to be able to Podcast:

Skills you may need….

1. How to record your audio and save it to an .mp3 file. (Video is of course also allowed)

2. How to upload the .mp3 file to a website or hosting service

3. How to upload the RSS “feed”  burner service.

After creating your material using an audio editing program of your choice you’ll need somwhere to store it online. if you have a sever upload it here, if your lost at the word ‘server’ …get a blog like ‘WordPress’ or ‘Blogger’.

The majority of things you will have to master in order to Podcast are online and if your new to Blogging, Podcasting is an ideal  reason to start. Your ‘Blog’ will allow to to upload you MP3’s and store them within your Blog enabling users to visit your site and download or even better ‘Subscribe’!

There are many different ways to create/ store your Podcasts, you just need to find the server and Feedburner that works for you, the videos here all do things a little different so dont worry if you do things different also!

An RSS feed is the final step in transforming your collection of audio/video files into a bona fide podcast! With FeedBurner’s SmartCast service, you can use any blogging tool that creates a feed to publish your podcast. Here’s how it works: If your blog post contains a link (<a href=””></a>) to an audio/video file, we’ll convert it to an RSS enclosure — a special link found only in your feed — that programs like iPodder, iTunes and NetNewsWire recognize. Google Reader and several other online readers also recognize enclosures and offer a playback link or audio control when they encounter them.

Equipment you may need…

1. Audio Editing Software

2. A Microphone

3. A Sound Card

Steinberg Sequel 2

Sequel turns you into a producer, and gives you your own fully-loaded music studio. You need HipHop beats for your latest track? Or want to surprise your friends at your next party with your own electro live-set? Sequel gives you everything you need to produce pro-quality tracks at home, on a plane, in the rehearsal room or even live…

Sony Media ACID Music Studio 7

If you’re serious about making your own music, ACID Music Studio software is the perfect tool for original song creation, multitrack audio and MIDI recording, and studio-quality mixing, and effects processing. Share your songs any way you want — burn your own CDs, upload to the web, prepare audio for podcasts, or export to your MP3 player.

Blue Snowflake

Blue offers up the Snowflake, the world’s first truly professional and portable USB mic. With plug-and-play simplicity, podcasts, web conferences, or adding voiceovers to video projects takes on a new level of ease and quality. The Snowflake is compatible with both Macs and PCs, and it’s low-profile design makes it a perfect fit with either desktop or laptop systems.…

Behringer Podcastudio USB

Introducing the Radiolutionary Podcastudio USB Bundle from Behringer. Looking for a new way to express yourself? Ever wanted to be a famous producer? Then podcasting is the answer and the Behringer Podcastudio bundle has all you need to make high-quality podcasts and home recordings. Go on air straight out of the box with this fantastic Podcastudio recording…

Samson C03U Recording Pak – Recording / Podcasting Pak

Samson changed the way the world records audio with the C01U and C03U USB Studio Condenser microphones — the first studio quality condenser microphones equipped with a USB interface. The C03U Recording / Podcasting Pak includes everything needed to record digital audio on a PC or Mac with an eye on maximum portability.

Edirol UA-25EX

Mobile Connectivity with Pro-Studio Extras Rugged, compact, and feature-filled, the new UA-25EX is a portable-interface powerhouse. Ideal for computer-based audio engineers who appreciate mobility, this 24bit/96kHz USB audio interface is equipped with pro-grade microphone preamps, a newly-developed analog compressor/limiter, and ground-lift functionality for studio and stage.

Tascam US-144

The follow-up to the mega popular US-122, the new US-144 delivers everything you’d want in a portable audio/MIDI interface and more.

Record two tracks at a time with zero latency; whether you have a PC or a Mac, your song ideas go down in real time, real easy. Its size means you can take it anywhere you go…

Edirol R-09HR Including Free 4GB SD Card

The R-09HR is a professional, high-definition recorder that travels light and performs like a heavyweight. With crystal-clear 24/96 fidelity, the R-09HR is the new flagship of EDIROL’s award-winning R-series recorders. Features 24-bit/96kHz linear PCM high-resolution, low-noise recording Newly developed Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit (I.A.R.C.) High-grade, high-sensitivity stereo condenser microphone built in …

List of sites that accept podcast submissions.

iTunes – submit your iTune podcasts

Podcasting Station – submit podcasts to the podcasting directory

Podcasting News – submit podcasts to the podcasting directory

DigitalPodcast – enter the category scroll to the bottom and click add url

Podcast Alley – submit podcast title, website, xml feed, and description.

Podcast Bunker– recommend a podcast, only high quality podcasts will be added.

Podcast411– add a podcast

AllPodcasts – index a podcast (an RSS 2.0 feed with an audio enclosure), enter the URL for the RSS feed into the field below and click “Index”.

iPodderx – submit podcasts to ipodderx directory

audio.weblogs – ping audio web logs to update them

Podcast.net – List your podcast on podcast.net and watch your audience grow!

PodcastHost – add a podcast to PodcastHost

Podsites.com – post a “podsite”

Pocketcasting – submit a podcast

RSS Network – submit to podcast category

Podcast Pickle – submit to podcast category

Plazoo – submit to podcasts or vlogs

Singing Fish – submit music/video directory

Blog Universe – submit podcasts to directory

Digital Podcasts – add podcasts to the digital podcast directory

PodFeeder – podcast submission

PodFeed – podcast submission

Open Media Network – submit audio and videocasts

Podcast Charts – chart podcasts (requires membership)

iPassages – Christian podcast submissions

My Podcast Center – small podcast directory

PodBlaze – small podcast directory

Podcast Shownotes – post podcasts on blog

Loomia – post podcasts and rss feeds

GetAPodcast – post podcasts and rss feeds

Syndic8 Podcast – post podcasts and rss feeds

Podcast Shuffle – post podcasts

idiotvox – submit a podcast feed

Blinkx – submit a podcast feed

PodNova – submit a podcast

PodCasts Yahoo – submit a podcast (top right corner)

Blast Podcasts – submit podcasts

Pod Spider – submit podcasts

Pod Lounge – The Pod Lounge relies on user submissions to help build the database and we appreciate any additions you can provide

Amigo Fish – submit a feed/podcast

AudioFeeds – submit music podcasts only

Every Podcast – submit podcasts

Fluctu8 – submit podcasts

Get a Podcast – submit podcasts

HardPodCafe – submit podcasts

Podcast Shuffle – submit podcasts

Podcaster World – submit podcasts

Podcast Pup – submit podcasts

PodTower – submit podcasts

Vital Podcasts – submit podcasts

Religious Podcasts – submit religious podcasts (only accept religious casts)

Educational Podcasts – submit educational podcasts

Podcast Videos – submit videocasts

Feedshark – automate submissions to 10 podcast sites

YakkYakk – podcast submissions

Pluggd – podcast submissions

Canadian Podcasts – submit podcasts

Fetching Podcasts – submit podcasts

GODcasts1000 – submit Christian podcasts

Church Podcasts – submit Christian podcasts

Realty Feeds – submit real estate podcasts or feeds

MLPodcasts – submit realty podcasts

Podcast Directory – submit all podcasts

Medical Feeds – submit medical podcasts

Sports Podcasts – submit medical podcasts

Podcast Reviews – submit podcasts

Tech Podcasts – submit technology podcasts

FireAnt – submit podcasts

Podcast Pup – add a podcasts

Vital Podcasts – add podcasts

PodcastLikeThat – add podcast feeds

Australian Podcasts – submit podcast feeds

GetAPodcast – submit podcasts

Pod-Planet – submit podcasts

Sports Podcasts – Submit sports related RSS feeds and podcasts.

Political Podcasts – Submit political feeds and podcasts.

Government Podcasts – Submit podcasts and feeds ONLY from government agencies. Feeds from both Local and federal governments are accepted.

iBiz Radio – Submit podcasts (only submit business podcasts)

Podcast Blaster – Submit podcasts

YouLoud – add podcasts

Vital Podcasts – add podcasts

Educational Podcasts – Submit educational podcasts and feeds.

Blubrry Podcasts – login to submit podcasts.

Podcast Empire – submit podcasts.

AOL Podcast Beta – submit podcasts.

Podcast Like That – submit podcasts.

AudioFeeds.org – submit podcasts.

Digg Podcasts – DIGG podcast directory.

EPN – Educational Podcast Network

Family Friendly Podcasts – submit child safe podcasts

Hwy777 – submit christian podcasts

Mirpod – submit podcasts.

Podcast Directory AU – submit Australian podcasts.

Podcaster World – submit podcasts.

Pod Farm – submit podcasts.

PodMopolis – submit podcasts.

RECAP – submit educational podcasts.

Speecha – submit audio podcasts.

Women in Podcasting – submit podcasts.


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