Serious About Control: Introducing the Euphonix MC CONTROL

December 2, 2008


The Euphonix MC Control control surface combines the functionality of motorized faders, programmable knobs and buttons, and an incredible customizable touchscreen interface for maximum control over your Mac DAW.

Designed as a compact “nerve center” for your studio, the  fits between your keyboard and computer monitor. Its high-resolution touchscreen lets you easily access and set up functions, while four touch-sensitive motorized faders, 12 Smart Keys, and eight programmable rotary encoders make the MC Control a powerful, flexible DAW controller.

The high-resolution 800 x 480 pixel touch-screen interface not only displays all of your project’s top-level information like track names/numbers, metering (from mono to 5.1 surround data), fader/pan values, automation mode, etc., but also lets you quickly access all plug-in and EQ parameters, effortlessly setup macro commands for any function (or sequence of functions), and much more.

Use these Smart Keys to trigger everything from simple keystroke commands to complex custom macros displayed on the touch-screen interface above – use the up/down arrows to scroll through an unlimited number of commands. Touch-sensitive rotary encoders offer direct control over everything from panning and gain to editing your most powerful plug-ins and EQ. These knobs can also be pressed to select/deselect and navigate through parameters. High-quality ALPS 100mm long throw faders offer accurate and smooth mixing; touching a fader will automatically select the corresponding track.


Controls the included Studio Monitor Express software to provide professional monitoring (from stereo up to 5.1 surround) as well as complete talkback controls via any CoreAudio compliant interface. Application Change and Workstation Change functions let you easily cycle through applications and switch between multiple workstations.

The MC Control’s ergonomic layout puts transport controls and data entry wheel at your fingertips, as well as keys to quickly select what parameter the wheel will modify (zoom horizontally/ vertically, jog/shuttle, trimming clip head and tail, setting clip gain, cross fading, and more.

Power Features

Customizable touch-screen interface
12 assignable soft keys
4 touch-sensitive motorized faders
8 touch-sensitive rotary encoders
Jog/shuttle/zoom wheel and transport controls
Control multiple applications & workstations via Ethernet
250X faster and 8X the resolution of MIDI
Supports EuCon, HUI and Mackie Control protocols
Studio Monitor Express software
Slim-line design for easy studio integration and portability

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