AudioCubes – A New Way to Make Music

January 9, 2009


AudioCubes are a hands-on musical instrument for the digital age. Usable as a multi-featured audio processor, unique synthesizer, or as an assignable MIDI controller, AudioCubes provide a real-world interface with very far-out possibilities – captivating either in the studio or for live performance. Both tactile and abstract, AudioCubes are a cutting edge tool for digital creators – a new way to make music!

The Percussa AudioCubes are cubes capable of generating and processing audio and MIDI information.

* Lets you create unique sounds and musical patterns without twiddling knobs!
* Creates a stunning live performance.
* Helps you focus on your creativity and your music.
* Controls your MIDI-compatible instruments or software.
* Displays beautiful colours synchronized to your music.
* Does not need a special table or detection system.
* Does not need any camera’s or special lighting.
* Travels with you, wherever you and your creativity go.

Some AudioCubes Uses

* Create unique lo-fi sounds and musical patterns by moving and combining cubes, without using a computer or complex user interfaces. Each cube is intelligent and exchanges musical information wirelessly with nearby cubes.
* Apply lo-fi audio effects to external signals. Moving and combining cubes changes effect configuration and settings. Each cube has a ¼ inch input and output. Get new sound ideas fast without twiddling knobs!

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