How to ReWire Reason with Ableton Live, and why?

January 27, 2009


Ableton Live is a professional loop-based software music sequencer for Mac OS and Windows by Ableton. The latest major release of  Live is  Version 7.

Unlike other software sequencers, Live is designed around the notion of being as much an instrument for live performances as a tool for composing and arranging. It is also often used for precision mixing of tracks by DJs.

If you have never used Ableton before, it can dratically change your music creation technique nevermind your outlook!.

Using Ableton Live, you can integrate audio recording, loops and samples with your Reason projects. This is done by ReWiring Reason with Live.

This gives you acces to some of the best control AND the best sounds!

  1. Install Live on your computer.
  2. Launch Live so that it can install its ReWire engine in your system.
  3. Go to Live’s In/Out View and select Reason as the “In Type.”
  4. Enable Live’s Monitoring switch.
  5. Launch Reason.
  6. Select the desired ReWire Channels in Live’s In Channel menu if you have devices in Reason routed to channels other than the Mix L & R Channels.

Sending MIDI from Live to Reason:

  1. In a MIDI Track in Live, select Reason as the output type in the in/out chooser.
  2. In the output channel chooser of the same Track, select the desired Reason device.


  • Reason is now in ReWire Slave mode; Live is the ReWire Master.
  • Reason will lock to the Live tempo and transport with sample-accurate synchronization. If you change the tempo in Live, Reason will follow.
  • You can record the Reason ReWire input in Live as you would with any other input in Live. (Please see the recording section of the Live manual).
  • To disconnect the ReWire connection you must always quit Reason first.


  1. Never know this one before. The software I use doesn’t has this feature.

  2. the software I use doesn’t has this feature.

  3. Wow!!!

    It’s interesting.

    I like it.

  4. I don’t understand why one would use Live in conjunction with Reason since there are better DAWs than Live. Reaper works very well with Reason in rewire mode.

    • Because Live is a live sequencer
      Not Reaper

      No session mode in Reaper, no individual clip looping on every track…and so on

      You say that because you know nothing about Ableton

      And if you read the article, you will know WHY it rules with Reason 😀

      You get easiness,modularity and speed of Reason, with Live looping and scenes/clips

    • Because live is BADASS! and the sound of it (output) is far better than Reason and supports VSTs.. so you can boost your sound this way. You can also incorperate workflow from both programs. It’s amazing.

    • Yeah, and a rusty Ford model T might even eventually get you from LA to Florida. Yet I would rather fly first class and enjoy the trip.

      Ableton Live *my first class ticket* to music production fun…

  5. Is it possible to use rewire from ableton to reason with just audio files? or is it just midi controlled devices only. The reason I ask is because I have sound files I want to use, but are not in reason formats.

    • Resample it in Live and then import as a rex file or wave file in Reason. Reason doesn’t import any kind of audio.


  6. Wow. Testing it very nice.

  7. Thank for your post.

  8. The software I use doesn’t has this feature

  9. Reaper does not come close to Live in anyway when it comes to compatibility and features.
    No argument that is fact. If you disagree with me you have a biased opinion compared to my unbiased fact.

  10. […] This should help with the rewire aspect. You can also start up Ableton, then drop Ableton's "external […]

  11. Great article, I enjoy your website and all the information it provides.

  12. Thanks for the ideas and messages that I bring to it.

  13. Thanks For Articles I Like It

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