MOTU Releases BPM Rhythm Production Instrument

January 28, 2009

At this years NAMM show MOTU unveiled the latest addition to their range of Virtual Instruments: BPM – Beat Production Machine.

MOTU’s BPM is an advanced urban rhythm instrument that unites state-of-the-art virtual instrument technology with beat programming inspired by the classic drum machines of the 80’s and 90’s. BPM provides complete creative control, from recording and programming individual samples to building and arranging entire songs. Included is a comprehensive,
expertly produced urban sound and loop library for urban, R, pop,rock and other music styles.

BPM ships with a vast 15GB library of expertly recorded and mastered 24-bit 96 kHz rhythmic material for urban, R, hip hop, techno, electro, house, pop, rock and other music styles.

BPM also includes a comprehensive grap hic mixer, unlimited effects processing and dozens of world-class effects, including multi-band EQ, filter, delay, drive, distortion and convolution reverb to turn your computer into a rhythm production powerhouse.

BPM will run as a Plug-In in MAS, AU, RTAS or VST formats. It will also run as a standalone application.

BPM will run under Mac OS X – 10.4 or higher or Windows – XP or Vista, 32 or 64 bit.

For more info: product page at Dolphin


One comment

  1. From what I’ve heard it looks pretty easy to use, but I am not sure about the sound library.

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