Patrick Wolf, Bandstocks and the new Digital age

February 6, 2009

In one of 2008’s less surprising twists, Patrick Wolf parted company with his record label a few months ago and is now going it alone and embracing The DIY Dream and all that sort of stuff. It’s very fashionable these days, we hear.

In case you haven’t been following the story basically he’s recorded his next album but needs money to release and market it, so he’s joined the Bandstocks site and is trying to raise… £100,000. £100,000 is quite a lot of money. Most of the bands on Bandstocks just need a bit of cash here and there to get some CDs pressed up, or to buy a van or something.

We sent Patrick an email. “Are you really trying to raise £100,000?” we asked. “I really am!” he said. “I have to finance an international campaign!”

We’re not sure if Patrick has grasped the finer point of this long tail business, and that is part of the reason he is and has always been brilliant.

Here’s Patrick explaining what it’s all about in his own inimitable style (‘inimitable style’ = ‘style of someone you wouldn’t really trust to look after a hundred grand’):

More on Bandstock

How it works: One minute version for artists

Web based investment enables artists to take charge of their careers
Creation, manufacture and sale of special collector’s packages direct to fans
Groundbreaking deal for artists: more control and a bigger share of the income
Artists connect directly with their fans
Funding model complies with all UK investment laws
Fans invest as little as £10 for a financial stake in an album, credits and special privileges
Secure and fully tested websites – fair and transparent deals
Run by music industry professionals for professional artists

Patrick Wolf’s  statement from bandstock

“Dearest bandstocks friends, financers and supporters

Well, the first part of my two part battle has been mixed and will be mastered at abbey road over the next couple of weeks thanks to the initial funding received via bandstocks. I wanted to invite as many bandstocks supporters as I could over to my studio here by the river in Bankside, London, to say thank you by way of a little no microphone acoustic show around my piano. But alas I am currently moving house and my home/”mattress in a recording studio” is in a state of chaos but I have found the next best option. A good friend of mine has a grand piano in his warehouse and as long as you don’t mind sitting your bums down on a wooden floor this letter is an invitation for about 20-30 of you to come for a little free thank you from me. Please send requests for any of my old songs you want to hear via Bandstocks or myspace and I will try to remind myself of all the words and chords a few days before. I hardly ever get to do such intimate events these days so this is very exciting for me and i’ll be able to introduce in person some of the new songs you are helping to fund the recording and release of.

We are still a long way from our target fund though, I set up a new company this week… “TribeWolfInterNational” which will enable international investors and supporters to join the battle tribe and get this goddam show on the road…

Rehearsals have already started for the forthcoming tours.. and its just so bloody thrilling to hear all the new beats out on a huge sound system… be prepared for a whole new show and a whole new patrick..

Now, must get back to the grindstone… Off to Cannes on Monday to represent
the U.K at MIDEM with a small showcase concert and hopefully get distribution and licensees for the album across the Globe… who knows what will happen..

I send great love and endless gratefulness for your belief in my creations.

Stay inspired alive x Patrick Wolf”
Patrick Wolf on Tour

8 Colchester Arts Centre
Glouchester Guildhall
10 Cambridge Junction
11 London Heaven

Source: popjustice.com

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