The Pope’s Microphones

February 18, 2009

You need faith to talk to God…but to spread His word, the solution is simpler: Pope Benedict XVI uses a customized AKG microphone!

The Pope and his microphone

During Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Austria last year, the Holy Father stopped in the cities of Vienna, Mariazell and Heiligenkreuz.

The Pope’s customized microphone model is based on AKG’s new C 5 condenser capsule, without the model’s presence boost adapter installed. Styled in the Vatican’s colors of gold and white, these customized microphones provided AKG’s high-quality, reliable performance for Pope Benedict XVI during all his Austrian stops. “We build professional microphones for the exacting demands of our customers,” explained Alfred Reinprecht, AKG Vice President of Marketing & Product Management. “It has been an enormous privilege to adapt one of our technologically-innovative microphones for use by the Holy Father.”

The custom-made AKG microphones were used exclusively by Pope Benedict XVI from September 7-9, and one of the modified microphones has been offered for a charity auction after the Pope’s visit.

Other Papal gear:

The Pope in New York, 2008

Previous to that, Audio-Technica also provided microphones for the Pope, during his visit to New York in April last year.

A key microphone at all of these events was the Audio-Technica AE6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic Handheld Microphone.

Two other key mics were the ES961 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone and the ES933H Hypercardioid Condenser Hanging Microphone. The ES961s were employed at the Yorkville, St. Patrick’s and St. Joseph’s Seminary events as ambo/pulpit mics and altar backup mics. The ES933H mics were used at the prayer service at Ground Zero.

Said Estrin, “We concealed one of them at the base of the candle the pope lit while saying a prayer and another at the edge of the carpet to pick up the ambient sound as he quietly talked to some of the survivors and families of victims of the attacks. The goal was to have the mics as low-profile as possible, but we needed to pick up the audio for broadcast, so we put them at the base of the candle and edge of the carpet, which made them disappear. They worked like a charm.”

Other mics included ES915ML (18″) MicroLine Condenser Gooseneck Microphones for use on lecterns at the St. Joseph Yorkville, St. Joseph’s Seminary and Yankee Stadium services; four AT4040 Large-Diaphragm Side-Address Microphones to mic the choir at the St. Joseph’s Seminary service; two black ES905 Hypercardioid Condenser Rigid-Pipe Microphones at the St. Patrick’s mass, chosen to blend in with the color scheme of the speakers’ vestments; and an A-T 5000 Series Frequency-agile True Diversity UHF Wireless System.


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