Line 6 Backtrack – Instant portable recorder/ instant reply for guitar

February 20, 2009


In a an already very busy market Line 6 have took the plunge into portable recording devices. So lets take a look at what features this has to offer.

“BackTrack™ provides total inspiration control anywhere you play music or feel inspired, including at home, in the studio, at soundcheck and at rehearsal.”

At home, BackTrack offers the best ways to capture and organize all your musical ideas.

* Like a creative safety net, BackTrack makes sure all your ideas are captured
* “Instant replay” anything you just played by pressing “Play”
* Separate your best ideas from the rest by pressing “Mark”

In the studio, BackTrack gives you a head-start turning your inspirations into complete songs.

* Drag the better-than-CD-quality .WAV files right into your recording software
* The clean and pristine audio offers total plug-in processing flexibility
* Packed with your ideas, BackTrack is your portable idea vault

At soundcheck, BackTrack redefines the entire experience.

* Adjust your tone hands-free while BackTrack loops a song or riff
* Walk around the venue and check your tone while BackTrack does the playing for you
* Capture the energy of your live show and drag the high-quality audio to your DAW

At rehearsal, there’s no end to what BackTrack can do for you and your band.

* BackTrack + Mic records your whole band with stunning clarity
* Capture a direct signal perfect for dragging to your DAW by putting BackTrack in-line between your guitar and your amp
* Capture your guitar tone by putting BackTrack in-line after your amp or effects

I would personally would love to see this device fitted in the future with an onboard modelling chip like that of the pocket POD, Im almost suprised its notalready  featured here. But you still get a lot of amazing features for your buck.



  1. BackTrack + Mic is both the greatest invention ever made AND the worst invention ever made, because in one single month it has both saved AND caused (on separate occasions) the absolute most gigantic fights our band and our warehouse/studio has ever seen. Gone are the days of the old “You played it wrong while I nailed it” and “He said, she said” petty arguements. They are replaced by a new level of brutally factual fighting called “Don’t make me play back every little thing we played and said last night just to prove you were blowin it”, “Dude, we isolated your BackTrack and we all totally heard you flirting with the drummer’s ol lady” and “See? I told you so!”. I think that while trying to create an extremely useful musician’s tool (mission accomplished, by the way), Line-6 may have inadvertantly unleashed unto the world a pocket-sized digital Big Brother that has the absolute and final last word on who did what. If you have done no wrong, you have nothing to fear……but if you HAVE done wrong, good luck trying to write it off as “The world misunderstands me and is just trying to take a big fat crap on me”.

  2. think that while trying to create an extremely useful musician’s tool

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