New Aphex Twin Album On its Way

March 18, 2009


Warp Records reveals Electronic pioneer’s new record is on the way

13 March 2009 – Experimental wizard Aphex Twin is notoriously reclusive when it comes to his music but 6 Music can reveal his new album’s in the works.

Steve Beckett, founder of Aphex’s parent label Warp Records, exclusively said: “We’re definitely going to be putting out a new album by him. Hopefully it will be this year, if I can prise it out of his hands. It’s definitely on its way.”

Recently Warp has brought us music by the likes of Jamie Lidell, Squarepusher as well as bands like !!!, Grizzly Bear and Maximo Park.

It is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with several big gigs in London, New York Tokyo and Paris and have already revealed that Richard James, better known as Aphex Twin, will be playing a show in the French Capital on 9 May.

His last release was in April 2006, titled Chosen Lords, a compilation of the Analord material.

“Hopefully it will be this year, if I can prize it out of his hands. It’s definitely on its way.”
Warp Records founder

Speaking about working with the influential artist, Beckett said: “He’s got his own unique view on life and obviously he’s just a genius musician and artist and it’s brilliant to work with him. He’s a genuine, English eccentric.”

However, the new material will be kept firmly under wraps until late in the recording process, continued Beckett.

“I don’t know a single note or anything about it,” he explained. “It will be as much of a surprise to me as anyone else.

“Basically I find out what it sounds like when we go into the mastering room and he puts it – well how it used to be, he’ll put the DAT player in and there it’ll be – so that’s the first time I’ll hear it.

“Then I’ll go onto my knees and thank him and then we’ll put it out.”

Speaking about the forthcoming shows, Beckett said he is thrilled with the final Paris line-up: “The big coup there is getting Aphex Twin to play so that was the one that we were really excited to pin down.”

Oh and let us not forget this quote from about 1997

“I really don’t use my tank much nowadays because it’s not where I live. It’s around my parents. I was in it a month ago.”

Source: BBC


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