Reminder: Tonight’s Cakewalk Event Postponed! Plus New V-Studio 100 Coming Soon

April 15, 2009


Postponed Till Further Notice!

Unfortunately the event has had to be postponed until further notice. Keep checking back with a new date for this event .

Whether you are interested in purchasing SONAR V-Studio 700, SONAR 8, or just want to see it the two products in action, Cakewalk Product Specialists will soon be at the Leaf Tea Shop & Bar to offer one-on-one training and clinics .


And news just in on a new addition to the V series …

It’s called the V-Studio 100 and, unlike the flagship 700 system, it can operate with or without a computer.

Difficult to classify, the new device is in fact a number of products bundled into a compact, sturdy-feeling box. It’s got an eight-input mixer, on-board effects- and dynamics-processing, a metronome, and a built-in flash-memory recorder and player, but it can also operate as a multi-channel USB 2.0 audio interface and a mini DAW controller for Mac and PC.

Its single fader is motorised and touch-sensitive; two of the audio inputs

feature phantom-powered mic preamps, and there’s transport control and assignable buttons for mouse-free computer control. What’s more, the V-Studio 100 comes with a collection of plug-ins and virtual instruments, the VS Production Suite, which work on Macs and PCs and provide tools for everything from instrument-processing to peak limiting; electric pianos to wavetable synthesis.

As you can imagine, there are dozens of potential applications for the new V-Studio. Cakewalk say that it’s perfect for small bands performing live, who could play backing tracks from the SD card, while using the mixer section to feed the PA. Also, for home studio users, who need a basic USB interface, a mixer for signal routing, a stereo master recorder, and DAW control for ease of use.

Source: SOS


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