Young band use Garagband and the internal Microphone on Laptop only

April 15, 2009
A snippet of the latest and greatest that our galaxy has to offer? Founded in 2003 in Auckland, New Zealand,  Yesterday Was Mine are now based in London and hope to be “the next greatest thing since ‘cafe lattes’ ” They recorded their debut album entirely on a laptop…

Yesterday Was Mine are Paul Taite (vocals / bass), Adam Leggett (guitar) and Steve Taite (drums).

Band’s biography –  from their website:

The band was inspired after Richard O’Brien (Rocky Horror Show) suggested to Paul that he should start writing his own music as most musicians never do. Paul then inked a diagram into his grail diary outlining what would later become the ‘Yesterday Was Mine’ coat of arms. Paul was in!

However progress was halted due to a guitary-like void appearing in most songs. As Paul perused the unemployment papers over a Mocha at Cafe Cezanne, it dawned on him to place the following classified ad – Guitar hero wanted.

Adam was reading the paper with his morning toast and coffee when his destiny appeared to him as an obscure stain left by his coffee cup – it was not apparent at the time, but that stain would later be exclaimed as an exact replica of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel . And as luck would have it, Paul’s ad was the canvas.

Adam was in! However the band now faced a new issue, where was the man behind the kit? the final knight to join Paul and Adam at the round table so to speak. Steve at the time was drumming for an underground 80’s ‘hair metal’ band. After a show, Steve was approached in the parking lot by two cloaked figures. It was none other than Paul and Adam, they left him with an inscribed stone tablet, and Steve was left with more questions than answers.

The tablet contained a pledge. The inscription spoke of a promise – a case of ice cold Dr Pepper after every show. Steve was in! He then rightfully assumed his place at the table.

Therefore if you add the final third to the previous two thirds of the ‘then to be’ band – it creates a whole!! Ladies and gentleman,  I dub thee ‘Yesterday Was Mine’.

Credit Crunch Music:

Yesterday Was Mine decided to record their debut album the cheapest way they could find – by themselves, using just a laptop and the Garageband software. Singer Paul Taite cheekily says that they wanted “to help the credit crunch affected nation get some free tunes (ok that wasn’t the original reason but it’s turned that way)”

The band says that they were not too concerned about recording quality:

“Before we get too carried away – the quality isn’t amazing. Instead of being recorded in a studio, it was recorded in a front bedroom flat – but what it lacks in production quality it makes up for in heart! The guitar / bass was directly plugged into a laptop input socket … and the singing / drums was recorded with nothing more than the internal mic on a laptop computer. With all of the hurdles in the way, the band feels really pleased with the end result!”

The Gear:

– Laptop, Garageband, Les Paul guitar, Fender P-Bass, Pearl Drum Kit, Boss TU-2 Tuner. Bassist Paul Taite says he’s also looking into purchasing a Fender Bassman 150.

For more info and free downloads:



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