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M-Audio Releases ProFire 610

September 3, 2008

New M-Audio ProFire 610 Audio Interface Delivers Superior Sound and Flexibility in a Compact Package

M-Audio, a leading provider of creative tools for musicians, unveiled the ProFire™ 610 FireWire audio interface, which extends the legacy of the best-selling FireWire 410.

M-Audio created the ProFire™ 610  audio interface using many of the same design elements found in the flagship ProFire 2626 interface—in response to demand from customers who need a compact unit with advanced functionality and pristine audio quality. Now users can harness the power of 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution, M-Audio® Octane™ preamp technology and onboard DSP mixing in a bus-powered unit ready to withstand any road environment.

The flexible ProFire™ 610  audio interface was designed to facilitate the needs of diverse musicians and producers. Two preamps with award-winning Octane technology offer clean, transparent sound with exceptionally low distortion—ideal for recording tracks in the studio. Multiple analog and digital connection options enable DJs and electronic musicians to use the ProFire 610 interface as the centerpiece of an elaborate live performance rig.

The onboard DSP mixer allows producers and musicians to create multiple, independent monitor mixes. Simultaneous 6 x 10 I/O gives sound designers and video editors the ability to create 7.1 surround sound mixes in full 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution. The rugged, well-built metal chassis allows users to take ProFire 610 on the road for mobile music production. By combining these professional, studio-grade tools in a half-rack-space unit, ProFire 610 delivers a powerful recording experience.

“The ProFire™ 610  is an unbeatable choice for mobile music production,” said Adam Castillo, marketing director at M-Audio. “It features the high-end components and superior sound quality of the ProFire 2626 in a portable, bus-powered package—transforming any Mac or PC into a powerful 6-in/10-out recording studio.”

Visit ProFire 610 page at Dolphin

ProFire 610 Features:

  • up to 24-bit/192kHz for high-definition audio
  • flexible onboard DSP mixer
  • 2 preamps with award-winning M-Audio Octane technology
    73dB gain range*
    48V phantom power
    20dB pad on each preamp
    signal/peak LED indicator lights
  • 6 unique inputs including:
    2 XLR/TS combo jacks for mics or instrument level inputs 
    2 ¼” TRS balanced line inputs
    stereo S/PDIF in
  • 10 unique outputs including:
    8 ¼” TRS balanced line outs
    stereo S/PDIF out
  • 2 ¼” TRS headphone outputs with independent volume controls
  • built-in 1 x 1 MIDI interface
  • 2 FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports
  • JetPLL jitter elimination technology for stable synchronization
  • standalone operation as 2 mic pre/2-channel A/D-D/A converter
  • user-assignable master volume knob for total control over output levels
  • powered via FireWire bus or external power supply
  • half-rack-space form factor fits in Universal Rack Tray
  • compatible with most major audio software

For comprehensive product information, visit
*Including 20dB pad.


M-Audio Launches Overdub – Comic Book Style Online Guide!

September 3, 2008

M-Audio announced the UK launch of Overdub, a new comic book style ‘guide to studio production’ from M-Audio explaining the techniques and technology behind major recording equipment product categories.

The first in the series – Overdub Volume One : Guide to Studio Monitors – details everything you need to know when setting up a reference monitor system, and includes topics such as:

How to select the right monitors
Guidelines for monitor placement
Dealing with room acoustics
Using acoustical treatment
Testing your system

The booklet is available online now at  and will be available in hard copy at selected M-Audio authorised reseller stores across the country very soon.

An interesting read!


The Benchmark DAC1 PRE Gets Glowing Reviews!

August 27, 2008

The DAC1 PRE is a reference-quality stereo pre-amplifier, headphone amplifier, and computer audio playback device. This Pre Digital-to-Analog Converter and Preamp has now received some great reviews…


The Benchmark DC1 good as it gets!

The Benchmark DC1 good as it gets!

Hi-Fi News dubbed it “Not just good, but stupefyingly good”. Furthermore, the hi-fi experts said: “In every mode, it excels. It sounds natural and authoritative, almost valve-like in the mid and the treble. Sublimely well-made, it’s an absolute joy to use. It does what it should, without dramas. It is truly the Swiss Army Knife of hi-fi”.

But Hi-Fi News were not alone in its praise for the Benchmark DC1. The Absolute Sound magazine, in it’s August 2008 issue, also had nothing but good things to say about it. they actually went even further and said the Benchmark DC1 marks “something of a new era in audio”! The reviewer completed: “The Benchmark DC1 Pre is not only an excellent device for the money, it is excellent compared to anything I have encountered at any price. To my mind, it’s the beginning of a new era in audio, in which the regeneration of the recorded signal has become a resolved problem.”

rear view

rear view

We are not surprised…and anyone who chooses a Benchmark DC1 Pre will not feel disappointed.

With the DAC1 PRE, the music engages the listener with a stunning delivery and breath-taking realism. The DAC1 PRE is the culmination of years of high-precision analog and digital audio circuit design. Benchmark has achieved unprecedented sonic purity in their audio systems through an intelligent engineering philosophy – establish a pristine analog delivery path and eliminate digital distortion artifacts. The DAC1 PRE continues this tradition of excellence.

With six stereo inputs and four stereo analog outputs, the DAC1 PRE anchors expansive media systems and provides a pristine audio path from source to amplifier. The six stereo inputs include an analog input, a USB computer input, an optical input, and three coaxial digital inputs. The output section includes stereo XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced, and two headphone jacks driven by Benchmark’s HPA2™ 0-ohm headphone amplifier.

The bottom line is this: Benchmark converters will consistently and faithfully deliver truthful audio without jitter-induced artifacts, no matter what variables are present.

View Benchmark DC1 Pre  at Dolphin.


M-Audio Ships Fast Track Ultra 8R

July 4, 2008

Rack-mountable 8 x 8 USB 2.0 interface brings full-featured studio solution to Fast Track product family

Mackie Fast Track Ultra 8R

M-Audio, a leading provider of creative tools for musicians and a part of Avid Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AVID), today announced availability of the rack-mountable Fast Track® Ultra 8R 8 x 8 audio MIDI interface, which follows the release of the mobile Fast Track Ultra interface. The Fast Track Ultra 8R interface features high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, MX Core™ DSP mixer, and eight preamps with award-winning Octane™ technology—introducing a comprehensive studio solution to the acclaimed Fast Track product family.Designed for demanding multi-track projects, the Fast Track Ultra 8R interface features a rugged 1U rack-mountable metal chassis. Like the FireWire serial (IEEE 1394) bus, high-speed USB 2.0 technology delivers the bandwidth for advanced performance with 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution throughout the recording and monitoring process. The increased data speed lets users enjoy exceptional fidelity on all of the inputs and outputs simultaneously. USB 2.0 is also ubiquitous on all current PC and Mac® computers.

The Fast Track Ultra 8R interface features eight preamps with multi-award-winning M-Audio® Octane technology, creating a premium front end that delivers exceptional audio clarity. Users get professional low-noise, high-gain preamplification with enough channels for miking drum kits and complete ensembles. Features include +48V phantom power for condenser mics, signal/peak LED indicator lights and a pull-out gain knob that activates a 20dB pad for recording at high volumes. In addition, all eight inputs accept line-level signals. Fast Track Ultra 8R also provides two front-panel ¼” instrument inputs.



Like the Fast Track Ultra, the Fast Track Ultra 8R interface incorporates M-Audio’s MX Core DSP technology. The robust MX Core mixer employs an array of eight individual DSP cores to deliver near-zero latency, effects and a matrix for sophisticated channel routing options—accessible via an intuitive control panel that utilizes a separate mixer for each pair of outputs. MX Core technology enables users to apply reverb while tracking vocals to get more out of an artist’s performance, and take advantage of the two independent headphone outputs to create separate monitor mixes when recording multiple musicians—all without burdening the computer. The mixer provides for up to a 16 x 8 configuration, allowing users to connect microphones, synths and other outboard gear to any of the interface’s hardware inputs, then mix them with the eight audio streams coming from the computer without taxing the CPU.The Fast Track Ultra 8R interface provides eight channels of analog inputs and outputs plus 2-channel digital S/PDIF for input flexibility. The interface also features two dedicated analog inserts on the first two channels, allowing users to insert outboard processing before A/D conversion. Easy connection via USB 2.0 delivers both audio and MIDI communication with a computer. The Fast Track Ultra 8R interface is compatible with most major audio software and seamlessly integrates into any studio setup.

“The Fast Track Ultra is bringing innovative new functionality to users who record in personal studios or on the go,” said Adam Castillo, M-Audio’s marketing director. “The Fast Track Ultra 8R builds on this power and functionality with four additional preamps in a rack-mountable metal chassis, making it ideal for demanding projects. By adding the Fast Track Ultra 8R to the line, M-Audio delivers a Fast Track solution for every recordist, from the professional producer to the entry-level singer/songwriter.”

The Fast Track Ultra 8R is currently shipping and carries an MSRP of £399 (the desktop version Fast Track Ultra is also available at £279).  View Product & Details Here



M-Audio Releases New Driver for Audiophile USB

March 31, 2008

M-Audio is pleased to announce the release of a new driver for Audiophile USB. This update offers improved performance and complete compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard.

The new driver supports the following Mac operating systems:

  • 10.4.9
  • 10.4.10
  • 10.4.11
  • 10.5.1
  • 10.5.2

Leopard support is a top priority for M-Audio. Over the past few months we have been working closely with Apple to ensure that our products and technologies will support the new OS X Leopard operating system. Please continue to check this website for additional driver updates.