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Time+Space announce new competition

July 15, 2008

Win 1 of 4 Sample Magic Bundles with Time+Space

And this bundle goes

And this bundle goes

To celebrate the release of Sample Magic’s sleaziest, funkiest release to date – Nu Rave – Time+Space are giving away 4 special Sample Magic bundles containing Sunset Sessions, Around the World in 80 Raves, Minimal & Tech House and, of course, Nu Rave to some lucky winners.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is answer a simple question – Who founded Sample Magic?

To enter visit:  

The competition is open to anyone, anywhere and the closing date for entries is 31st July. Winners will be announced on or around the 1st August.


ood Luck!


Propellerheads announces the Big Sounds Championships!

October 20, 2006

How big is big enough? Well, the sky is the limit as we open the Propellerhead Big Sounds Championships.

There is no question that the Combinator device introduced in Reason 3 lets you create big, big sounds. But just how big can they possibly get? Exactly how earth shatteringly enormous can you make your sounds before it gets too much for the human psyche to comprehend? It’s time to find out.

The Big Sounds Championships consists of four separate contests – Big Bass, Big Lead, Big Pad and the final monstrosity: Plain Huge! Today, we start looking for the demon of the deep, the pharaoh of phat – the Baron of Bass!

The Big Sounds Championships wouldn’t be much of a contest without prizes, now would it? For this, the first leg of the contest, we figured a set of really nice headphones would be appropriate. For all those times when the neighbors don’t appreciate your late night mixing or your girlfriend is trying to get some sleep, a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro will ensure you still have top sound quality. Just send in the best patch and they’re yours.

On top of that, the makers of the best three patches also get a stylish Reason sweater – 100% brushed fleece cotton with ribbed sides panels for that perfect fit, to quote the Prop Shop. Pretty big of us, huh?

The first part of the contest ends on October 27, so hurry up and start  tweaking! Read all about the rules and regulations that will keep this contest from growing out of all believable bounds here:


Why would Reason Be Good For Me?

September 18, 2006

Propellerheads Reason really is the defining ‘all-in-one’ music production package.  It offers a powerful but intuative interface based on modelling hardware devices rather than complicated software operations.  This makes it very easy to pick up and start making music.  Straight out of the box you receive the following virtual equipment.

  1. Malstrom Graintable Synthesizer – Ideal for lush pads
  2. Subtractor Synthesizer – Perfect for bass and lead phrases
  3. Redrum Drum Machine – Create rhythm tracks with ease
  4. NN-19 Sampler – Used to play back simple samples
  5. NN-XT Sampler – Used to accuratley reproduce traditional instruments such as Piano
  6. Dr. Rex Loop Player – Allows you to import any rex audio loop
  7. Matrix Pattern Sequencer – Allows you to quickly and easily create bass and lead lines
  8. BV512 Vocoder – For that retro vocoded sound
  9. Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit – Bored with a particular sound? Use this device to mess it up!
  10. A whole host of effects units including reverb, delay, distortion, filter, chorus and phaser to name but a few

But none of the above would be very useful unless you could arrange your parts into a complex song and this is where Reason really shines.  Reason has its own sequencer which is both extremely powerful but at the same time easy to use. Create complex rhythm parts using Redrum then simply click ‘copy to track’ and your drums can be sequenced, create a funky bassline in the Matrix Pattern Sequencer then simply click ‘copy to track’ and your bassline can be sequenced, click record and then move any knobs or faders, play the song back and hey presto the knobs and faders mimic your movements exactly.  Combine Reason with a MIDI controller keyboard and you will have any number of electronic or acoustic sounds at your fingertips which can be recorded at the touch of a button.

There are no additional cost.  No need for additional virtual instruments, no need for additional virtual effects, just create a new project and start making music.  In the unlikely event that you need more sounds than the ones included in the package Reason can also be expanded via the huge number of comercial refills available on the market.


NI-VERSARY – 10 years of Native Instruments

August 20, 2006

Starting out as a small but pioneering software company in 1996, Native Instruments rapidly became the leading player in the software instruments market. Recent years have also seen Native Instruments causing a stir in the music hardware sector. By way of thanks to our loyal customers, we are staging the NI-VERSARY SUMMER from July 3rd to September 10th. Enjoy 10 weeks worth of special features: read the birthday wishes from a host of famous artists, win fantastic prizes in a series of raffles, profit from special jubilee offers and come revel with us at the grand NI-VERSRAY party in Berlin on September 23rd.

NI-VERSARY Special Offers

For a period of 10 weeks over the summer we are offering up to 66% off on some 30 NI products! A number of full versions have been reduced, virtually all the major updates, Sound Line products as well as attractive new bundles and a whole lot more are all on offer.
More on the Special Offers…

NI-VERSARY Birthday Wishes

Countless artists the world over rely on the quality and innovation of Native Instruments products – live and in the studio. The software serves both as a source of inspiration as well as a means of making that inspiration audible. Find out what Native Instruments’ 10th anniversary means to them.
All the birthday wishes…


As part of the 10TH NI-VERSARY celebrations, Native Instruments is holding a raffle with over €15,000 worth of phenomenal prizes. An exquisite guitar, a ground-breaking 4-channel DJ mixer, a keyboard, studio monitors, a laptop and an all expenses paid VIP trip to Berlin are some of the prizes that are sure to get you rubbing your hands together in anticipation.
Details on the raffle…


The 10 weeks of birthday celebrations all lead up to the grand NI-VERSARY party in Berlin. An enticing line-up of international live acts and DJs will be waiting for you in Berlin’s Watergate club on Saturday, September 23rd. Read more…


The ultimate and innovative “Sonic Workstation” for sample libraries and closes the gap between Virtual Instruments and Samplers

August 8, 2006

Both these systems only the advantages were combined to an intuitively operatable software solution. Furthermore this powerful tool was extended with many professional and innovative features for highest musical demands and creativity.With Yellow Tools Independence you will be able to use, edit, customize and manipulate your instruments in a single familiar environment. Any instrument specific settings can also get assigned to all other loaded instruments and any kind of customization is now possible as everything is available in the same software.


Everything a Musician may need!

August 8, 2006

Welcome to Musicians Tools Web Blog designed to bring you some of the best products for musicians from Dolphin Music. We will be covering everything you could imagine from Acoustic Treatment from Auralex, Books & Manuals to help you get the most out of your system, Cables to connect everything together, PC & Apple Computer Systems, DJ Equipment & Lighting, Furniture & Stands, Guitars from Gibson & Fender, Hardware Synths, Headphones, Keyboards, Microphones, MIDI & Sync Equipment, Mixers, Multitrack Recorders, Musical Instruments, PA & Live Sound, Sample CDs, Music Software, Sound Cards, Speakers / Monitors, Studio Outboard, Video products, & Vocal Booths.