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M-Audio Introduces New Studiophile CX Series Active Studio Reference Monitors

April 1, 2009

Best-in-class monitors provide an expansive soundstage as well as customizable controls for greater flexibility in any listening environment

New Studiophile CX monitors by M-Audio

Tewksbury, Mass, March 26, 2009 — M-Audio, a part of Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) has introduced the new Studiophile® CX8 and CX5 studio monitors, which are designed to bring accurate monitoring to any mixing environment. The Studiophile CX series builds upon M-Audio’s best-selling studio monitor line, and delivers excellent off-axis response, minimal distortion and a full complement of Acoustic Space controls. Now, customers will be equipped with studio monitors that deliver accurate performance and the flexibility to adapt to any production space.

Available in 8-inch (CX8) and 5-inch (CX5) configurations, the Studiophile CX series monitors deliver well-balanced sound and superior detail in a wide range of environments. The new monitors feature a custom-designed waveguide that deliver an expansive soundstage – ultimately offering customers more flexibility in the production suite. The Studiophile CX5 monitor is tailored towards smaller mixing rooms, home studios or workstation areas where users require quality audio referencing. The Studiophile CX8 monitor is ideal for mid-to-large size mixing and referencing environments.

New features in the Studiophile CX monitor line include: 

  •  Exceptional design integration: Provides superior headroom with exceptionally accurate and efficient frequency response, minimizing distortion and allowing for longer duration listening. Engineers will now hear a more accurate mix – ensuring consistent playback across a broad range of speaker systems; 
  • OptImage IV high-performance waveguide: Improves off-axis clarity, providing users a much wider soundstage than traditional waveguides. As a result, the listening area can accommodate several people – allowing for multiple individuals to hear an accurate representation of the mix during post production sessions; 
  • A full complement of customizable Acoustic Space controls: Enables users to customize frequency response and optimize the monitoring experience – even in the most difficult acoustic environments; 
  • Custom low-frequency Kevlar drivers: Provides tight bass response and long-lasting durability; and 
  • Efficient high-frequency drivers: Delivers an exceptional high-frequency response up to 30kHz, so that users experience smooth, transparent highs – even in the midst of challenging placement and listening conditions.

“The CX monitors extend our position as a leader in the studio monitor market and reset the performance expectations for monitors in this class,” said Richard Ngo-Tran, segment marketing manager at Avid. “By delivering superior quality and increased performance, we’ve equipped our customers with tools that enable them to make better creative decisions, which ultimately drives success in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive market.”

View Products:

M-Audio Studiophile CX5 (single)

M-Audio Studiophile CX8 (single)


KRK Systems® Launches R6 Passive Studio Monitor

February 26, 2009

New Monitor’s look and performance based on industry-standard Rokit monitors.

The new KRK R6 Passive Studio Monitor

High Wycombe, UK – February 26th, 2009 – Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd, the UK distributor of KRK Systems products, today announced the availability of the R6 passive studio monitor. The R6 incorporates design cues from KRK’s best selling Rokit line, including radically radiused edges along the front of the cabinet.

Since 2004 Rokit monitors have provided thousands of musicians, songwriters, producers and remixers with a value-priced monitor that delivered meaningful mixes that translate to all listening environments. The R6, like its Rokit brethren, remains true to this legacy, providing a sleeker, more modern look that is as functional as it is beautiful. A key component to the new look is the molded front baffle. This design feature virtually eliminates diffraction distortion caused by standard flat baffles.

The R6 leverages KRK’s research and development into baffle design and fabrication. The curved front baffle was engineered to minimize diffraction of high-frequencies, resulting in a sweet spot that is significantly larger than products with square or lightly rounded baffles. The baffle also houses a molded front-facing bass port that minimizes low-frequency phase distortion and unwanted frequency emphasis typical of rear-facing bass ports. The end result is a harmonious yet accurate blend of low and high-frequency components that result in a more accurate speaker. The R6 voicing is designed to mimic the voicing of KRK’s Rokit 6 monitor, which is renowned for its accuracy and mid-range clarity. The R6 features 5-way speaker binding posts, a precision crossover and is capable of handling 100 watts (RMS) of power.

“While powered monitors make up the majority of the studio monitor business, there is still demand for passive monitors. The R6 addresses the needs of broadcasters, project studios and home enthusiasts by
providing legendary KRK precision and accuracy in a passive speaker,” said Tony Rodrigues, Vice-President of Marketing for KRK Systems.

The RRP for the R6 passive studio monitors will be £139.99 each inc VAT and they will ship Q2 2009

About KRK Systems:

A member of the Stanton Group of companies, KRK Systems is a leader in studio monitors and control room solutions for the professional audio market. KRK products are distributed throughout the world via a network of distributors and dealers in more than 75 countries.

Click Here to view KRK Systems products at Dolphin


Christmas Gift Suggestion: Roth Audioblob 2

December 2, 2008

This is a perfect Xmas gift for any audiophile looking for a good and affordable, 2.1 System!


The new Roth Audioblob2 multimedia audio system is an idea partner for PC or Mac based music/multimedia systems. This system has been developed in partnership with audio engineers from Tannoy, with many years experience in designing the very best home audio systems.

Audioblob2 provides superlative audio quality for music/multimedia & gaming and is configured so that you can control the overall audio volume and the sub-bass level separately, thereby providing subtle and discreet volume control, up to an annoy-your-neighbours, floor-shaking level 10 – The choice is yours !

Now available for just £45, this is quite simply an amzing deal! Save a massive £104.99 – 69% off SRP!

More about the Roth Audioblob2 on the product page.


BEHRINGER New Product Announcement – EUROLIVE B315A Loudspeaker System

November 5, 2008

BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B315A Processor Controlled, 400 Watt 2-way Loudspeaker System – True fidelity and extreme output levels from an ultra-compact active speaker.


BEHRINGER adds to its line of active loudspeaker systems with the new EUROLIVE B315A. Featuring a 15” 2-way design, integrated sound processing and 400 watts of power, the B315A offers a compact, high-power solution for live and playback applications.

The B315A packs a long-excursion 15” woofer and 1.75” titanium-diaphragm compression driver with an ultra-wide dispersion, exponential horn and multi-cell throat into a versatile trapezoidal enclosure.

The rear panel includes Ultra-Low Noise (ULN) balanced mic and line inputs, a balanced XLR thru connector, input level control and two-band EQ. Internal sound processing provides complete system control as well as speaker protection.

The B315A can be free-standing, stacked, pole-mounted or used in a floor monitor configuration. Ergonomic handles and rugged construction make for a roadworthy package.

       • 400 watt, 15” 2-way active loudspeaker system
       • Extreme sound pressure levels from a compact, lightweight speaker
       • Integrated sound processing for system control and speaker protection
       • Long-excursion 15” woofer
       • 1.75” titanium diaphragm compression driver
       • Large-format, ultra-wide dispersion exponential horn, with multi-cell throat
       • Ultra-Low Noise (ULN) mic / line input with input level control and 2-band EQ
       • Trapeziodal enclosure for versatile placement and configuration options


Fresh new look Fostex PM0.4, now available in high gloss white

September 17, 2008

Fostex has added a new high gloss white PM04 to the popular PMseries range of studio monitors.

Continuing with the best features of the PMseries, which offer superior sound quality with an affordable price tag, Fostex have added a white PM0.4 to the range.

The front panel is finished in a gorgeous glossy white, whilst the enclosure is mat white, matching the feel of the original black PM0.4. The new PM0.4 is ideal for desk-top use, where it sits in perfect harmony with today’s computers and consumer trend for white products.

However, its superb audio performance and compact physical size expands its applications to professional console top studio monitoring, audio installation, as well portable audio monitoring.

The main features of the Fostex PM04 include:

  • Exclusively designed 4” Woofer and UFLC 0.65” Soft Dome Tweeter 
  • High efficient bi-amp drive with 18W each for LF and HF 
  • Independent amplifier in both L and R units. 
  • Beautiful glossy black or white front baffle 
  • Magnetically shielded for proximate setting to video monitor

Technical Specifications:

  • Enclosure system: 2-way bass-reflex system
  • Drivers: 4-inch (100mm) woofer, 0.6-inch (16mm) soft dome tweeter 
  • Impedance: 4 ohm 
  • Freq. Response: 60Hz – 30kHz 
  • Crossover Freq: 1.5kHz 
  • Enclosure volume: approx. 2.8 liters 
  • Amp Output Power: 18W (LF), 18W (HF) 
  • Input Terminals: 6mm TRS Phone (balanced) / -16dBV, RCA Pin (unbalanced) / -10dBV 
  • Input Impedance: 54k ohm or more 
  • Distortion: 0.1% THD @12W 4ohm 20Hz – 20kHz 
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 75dB, 20Hz – 30kHz, un-weighted 
  • Physical Dimensions: 114mm (W) x 220mm (H) x 190mm (D) 
  • Net Weight: 3.75kgs

Availability and Pricing:

The Fostex PM0.4W is available now. RRP is £135.00 inc VAT (per pair)


Win a A Pair Of Yamaha MSP7s!

September 5, 2008

To celebrate the inaugural issue of Music Planet, Dolphin created some really cool competitions…and this one is just GREAT – your chance to win a pair of the new Yamaha MSP7 Monitors!


Yamaha’s monitors always demand scrutiny.

The MSP7 delivers a clear top-end that doesn’t tire over time. The bass extension of the 6.5-inch bass drivers is also very natural and delivers a well reasoned amount of low-end woofer movement without any excessive hype.

For your chance to own a pair of these fantastic studio monitors of the 7-inch bass drivers, just visit this page!


M-Audio Unveils Flagship Studiophile DSM Reference Monitors

August 27, 2008

Avid Audio companies M-Audio and Digidesign collaborate to deliver world-class monitoring solution

The new DSM1

The new DSM1

M-Audio, a part of Avid Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AVID), and a leading provider of creative tools for musicians, today unveiled the Studiophile® DSM1 and DSM2 reference monitors with built-in DSP for powerful sound processing.

Developed in collaboration with professional audio DSP technology leader Digidesign – also an Avid company – the DSM series extends M-Audio’s legacy of cutting-edge monitor acoustics, transducer technology and amplification. The collaboration makes world-class reference technology accessible to a broad array of creative and professional environments.

M-Audio engineers worked closely with Digidesign to bring their expertise to the Studiophile DSM series. The monitors feature a powerful onboard DSP engine, which provides clear and accurate audio imaging by compensating for phase differences between the two drivers at the crossover point. The onboard DSP also manages a number of functions that enable users to tailor each speaker to their unique space and placement needs, for optimal monitoring in any environment.

The custom-voiced components ensure hours of accurate listening without fatigue. The professional analog and digital inputs support studio-grade audio resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz, in order to reveal every detail of music created with a digital audio workstation.

click to enlarge

DSM2, rear view

“The DSM monitors are a logical next step as we expand our position as a leader in the studio monitor market,” said Adam Castillo, marketing director at M-Audio. “We’re really pleased with the result of this collaboration between M-Audio and Digidesign – the quality of the DSM series speaks for itself.”

Studiophile DSM1 and DSM2 Features:
1” Teteron soft fabric, high-frequency dome with Neodymium magnet and ferrofluid cooling – accurate to 27kHz
custom low-frequency driver with anodized aluminum cone provides exceptionally low distortion (6.5” on DSM1, 8” on DMS2)
onboard DSP manages the complex, 4th-order digital crossover for pristine imaging
DSP-based EQ and Acoustic Space Controls optimize the monitor for difficult acoustic environments
bass-reflex port delivers controlled extended bass response
high-density cabinet yields good damping and reduced acoustic interference
professional digital inputs (up to 24-bit/192kHz): S/PDIF and AES
balanced analog inputs: XLR and 1/4”
bi-amplified with Class D power amps: 100 watts (low frequency) and 80 watts (high-frequency)

The Studiophile DSM1 and DSM2 monitors are currently expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2008. UK prices tbc. Further info can be found at and


Auralex Anounce SpeakerDudes

July 24, 2008

SpeakerDudes(HD) are isolators for your speakers.


SpeakerDudes will decouple your speakers from the surface they rest upon, resulting in a more pure, accurate tone. Low frequencies will be projected and will no longer lack the definition you desire. Mid and high frequencies will be crisp and intelligible. Rattles and resonances will be a thing of the past.

Speaker manufacturers develop and design their speakers based on tests that are performed in anechoic chambers where the speakers are suspended in the middle of the room – i.e. there is no interaction between the speaker cabinet and a hard surface. Once the speakers are implemented into real world applications, the speakers will not sound the same because they are now interacting with the environment.

The SpeakerDudes(HD) wedge allows you to tilt the speaker (or any item to be decoupled/isolated) to listening angles of 4° and -4°. Turning the wedge face down allows the speaker to be set flat 0°.

SpeakerDudes(HD) have unlimited uses, such as isolating delicate electronics from vibration. The use of SpeakerDudes under CD burners, laptops, turntables, and other electronics is encouraged, providing the SpeakerDudes do not restrict ports or vents.

Vibration Reduction

Test conducted using accelerometers to determine the amount of vibration that was reduced by inserting SpeakerDudes underneath a speaker.

Vibration Reduction


Mackie Rides The Big Green Bus And Make Some Noise.

July 4, 2008

12 Students, 12,000 Miles and 1 Waste Veggie Oil Powered Bus on a Mission for a Greener Tomorrow. Of course, having a great message to put across is not enough – you gotta say it loud! Here’s the story of the Green Bus and what they brought along to make themselves heard…

Lofty goal? The 12 Dartmouth students who are living and touring on The Big Green Bus would probably agree. However, the intended message is rather simple—educate Americans about climate change and its relationship to energy issues.

This year marks the fourth summer road trip of The Big Green Bus, a green 27’ long 1996 International school bus which has been lovingly converted to run on WVO (waste veggie oil – view diagram). As they traverse the country, the students stop at any place where they can educate people. From festivals and block parties to wind farms and city council meetings, The Big Green Bus is a focal point for promoting high-profile media attention in the communities visited in an effort to spark a national dialogue. So…start talking people!

Mackie believes in the cause and wanted to provide some gear to help spread the message. Two SRM350v2’s and a 1202-VLZ3 enable the students to be heard during presentations and interactions. Bus-rider Trey Roy had the following to say, “We will be heard loud and clear with the two portable Mackie loudspeakers and compact mixer to run our presentations through.”

This setup is really good for those who want a powerful but compact P.A. system. If you’d like more info on this gear visit:

Mackie 1202-VLZ3 page

Mackie SRM350v2 page


Visit  to learn more about this inspiring project. You can follow the bus as it travels the country and read the blog, highlighting the progress as the bus rolls on. There’s also some great video content on YouTube. So check it all out and learn what you can do to be a part of the solution.

Hopefully we’ll see more gear manufacturers acting positively to help the planet! Well done, Mackie…


Edirol’s High Performance Desktop Monitors, Now in Black

April 14, 2007


The MA-7A and  MA-15D Micro Monitors now also come in black.  They are Stereo Reference monitors that deliver high-quality sound in confined recording environments – magnetically shielded, and small in size, these little monitors are the perfect desktop solution for music enthusiasts everywhere.