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Choosing a new AD/DA for your studio

February 28, 2007

Sonic State help choose a new AD/DA for Will Gregory, one half of Goldfrapp.They compare the Presonus Digimax FS – an 8 Channel mic pre equipped, unit, the Apogee Rosetta AD800 – again 8 channels of i/o, and the relatively unknown Lynx Aurora AD16 – a 16 channel system.

In the end Will decided that the Lynx Aurora was the one for him – the sound and the number of channels just made it the obvious option.


Virtual Effects for Vocals

September 7, 2006

What better way to start (unless you’re sick of the effect by now!) than with Autotune? Cher made this vocal effect famous but now everyone seems to use it. Antares Autotune (£209) has been described as the ‘holy grail’ of music production as it keeps your vocalist in tune plus a lot more besides. The latest version 4 adds lots of automation and graphical features and if you are having trouble with your vocals (or indeed your vocalist’s) you can’t go wrong with this – just don’t overdo it! Also on the vocal front and from Antares is AVOX Vocal Toolkit (£329), which takes vocal effects to a new dimension as it can physically model a throat! Other features like Duo and Choir add other voices to your original vocal recording so who needs humans? You’d think there would be nothing left to model in software but Antares have even done the job of recreating different mics for your vocalist in Mic Modeler (£290) which enables your bog standard mic to sound like a more hi-end and expensive model.


Need a great vocal sound? Work with a great producer!!

August 8, 2006

AVPThe heart of any great song is a great vocal sound. With Antares’s Vocal Producer, we’ve combined its world-renowned Auto-Tune Pitch Correction and TEC-Award-winning Microphone Modeler technologies with state-of-the-art vocal processing modules to give you everything you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style.

Live or in the studio, the AVP lets you instantly select from a large library of sounds. From gorgeously mellow to seriously twisted, we’ve included factory presets for a wide variety of vocal styles as well as an interface that makes it easy to create your own signature sounds. (And given the power and flexibility of the AVP’s processing modules, we’ve even included a selection of presets for instrumental and percussion tracks.)

Antares’s also have a software version but for a limited time you can buy the hardware unit for less than the price of the software!


Everything a Musician may need!

August 8, 2006

Welcome to Musicians Tools Web Blog designed to bring you some of the best products for musicians from Dolphin Music. We will be covering everything you could imagine from Acoustic Treatment from Auralex, Books & Manuals to help you get the most out of your system, Cables to connect everything together, PC & Apple Computer Systems, DJ Equipment & Lighting, Furniture & Stands, Guitars from Gibson & Fender, Hardware Synths, Headphones, Keyboards, Microphones, MIDI & Sync Equipment, Mixers, Multitrack Recorders, Musical Instruments, PA & Live Sound, Sample CDs, Music Software, Sound Cards, Speakers / Monitors, Studio Outboard, Video products, & Vocal Booths.