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Audiolife could be the next big platform for independent artists.

February 4, 2009


With Audiolife, you can sell all of your digital and physical products – downloads, ringtones, CDs, and merchandise- directly to your fans on an unlimited number of websites, blogs and social networks.
With Audiolife, you can:

  • Create your own store with an unlimited number of downloads, ringtones, CDs and merchandise.
  • Sell directly to your fans on any website, blog or social network on the web like MySpace and Facebook.
  • Let us handle manufacturing, distribution, customer service and accounting.
  • Have one central place to manage all of your e-commerce.
  • Easily buy high quality, affordable CDs and merchandise with no minimums for live shows and events.

The Audiolife Store lets you sell directly to your fans on the websites that they’re already comfortable with.

This can be your band website, blog or MySpace page – either way, we let your store live in its own world, where you and your products are the center of attention.

  • The Store is entirely self-sufficient, so fans can listen to your music, browse your products and make purchases without ever being directed to another website. Pretty cool, right?
  • Once you’ve created an account and added at least one product to the store, you are ready to start spreading it across the web.

Similar to YouTube videos, your Audiolife store can be passed and shared anywhere throughout the web that supports pasting custom code.


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