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VisualVox polyphonic: First published polyphonic autotuner & harmoniser

February 6, 2009


Audio examples:

Choir before manipulation | Choir after manipulation
Voice before manipulation | Voice after manipulation
Flute before manipulation | Flute after manipulation


  • Change chords or single wrong notes in polyphonic recordings
    • To fit pieces into your composition that otherwise would not have been accessible due to their key
    • To creatively play around with recorded audio like with a midi instrument – it will play your musical ideas by a click but it still sounds like the real instrument
  • Isolate the natural harmonics of instruments, manipulate them, take your instruments under the magnifying glasses to understand their sound
  • Create real sounding harmonizations, i.e. make chords out of monophonic parts of audio
  • Correct intonation problems of any instrument or voice while keeping the formants as they are
  • Create artificial vibrato, stretch the formants, rearrange melodies, draw frequency curves with your mouse to access monophonic and polyphonic audio in a way it has never been possible before

Now, VisualVox Polyphonic isn’t without some catches, as you’d expect from the solo-student cheap alternative:

The remaining inconveniences are:

  • It creates very big temporary files.
  • It sometimes misses a note or recognizes a harmonic as an independent note, which can be avoided by optimizing 3 accessible algorithm prameters.
  • It plays back synchronously to the VST host software but the audio start time can not be moved to position x, so one should in most cases export the manipulated audio as a wav file.
  • Only availible as a intel MAC VST plugin so far.
  • Still contains some bugs.