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M-Audio Introduces New Studiophile CX Series Active Studio Reference Monitors

April 1, 2009

Best-in-class monitors provide an expansive soundstage as well as customizable controls for greater flexibility in any listening environment

New Studiophile CX monitors by M-Audio

Tewksbury, Mass, March 26, 2009 — M-Audio, a part of Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) has introduced the new Studiophile® CX8 and CX5 studio monitors, which are designed to bring accurate monitoring to any mixing environment. The Studiophile CX series builds upon M-Audio’s best-selling studio monitor line, and delivers excellent off-axis response, minimal distortion and a full complement of Acoustic Space controls. Now, customers will be equipped with studio monitors that deliver accurate performance and the flexibility to adapt to any production space.

Available in 8-inch (CX8) and 5-inch (CX5) configurations, the Studiophile CX series monitors deliver well-balanced sound and superior detail in a wide range of environments. The new monitors feature a custom-designed waveguide that deliver an expansive soundstage – ultimately offering customers more flexibility in the production suite. The Studiophile CX5 monitor is tailored towards smaller mixing rooms, home studios or workstation areas where users require quality audio referencing. The Studiophile CX8 monitor is ideal for mid-to-large size mixing and referencing environments.

New features in the Studiophile CX monitor line include: 

  •  Exceptional design integration: Provides superior headroom with exceptionally accurate and efficient frequency response, minimizing distortion and allowing for longer duration listening. Engineers will now hear a more accurate mix – ensuring consistent playback across a broad range of speaker systems; 
  • OptImage IV high-performance waveguide: Improves off-axis clarity, providing users a much wider soundstage than traditional waveguides. As a result, the listening area can accommodate several people – allowing for multiple individuals to hear an accurate representation of the mix during post production sessions; 
  • A full complement of customizable Acoustic Space controls: Enables users to customize frequency response and optimize the monitoring experience – even in the most difficult acoustic environments; 
  • Custom low-frequency Kevlar drivers: Provides tight bass response and long-lasting durability; and 
  • Efficient high-frequency drivers: Delivers an exceptional high-frequency response up to 30kHz, so that users experience smooth, transparent highs – even in the midst of challenging placement and listening conditions.

“The CX monitors extend our position as a leader in the studio monitor market and reset the performance expectations for monitors in this class,” said Richard Ngo-Tran, segment marketing manager at Avid. “By delivering superior quality and increased performance, we’ve equipped our customers with tools that enable them to make better creative decisions, which ultimately drives success in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive market.”

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