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The Future of Beatmaking?

December 2, 2008


Petr Hampl is a Czech designer with his mind set on making music, and this was never clearer than when he decided to create the “portable idea creator” set, a gadget that’s as good-looking as it is useful.

Destined for those who feel like making music, or at least creating some new beats and phrases, this attractive recording set will definitely provide you with lots and lots of fun; and, why not, open a new horizon of inspiration to your music talents.

The Portable Idea Creator is a record-as-you-play tool that will allow you to creatively interact with the environment around you; even if it looks pretty much like a cyber-reality set designed for audio, the Portable Idea Creator will definitely have a lot of fans among children and adults alike.


The backhand-mounted disc is a recorder and a Bluetooth transmitter

This set comprises a glove and a pair of headphones that can communicate via a Bluetooth link in real time. The principle is quite simple and can be easily counted among the ranks of the “how come I didn’t think about that first?” gadgets.

The glove sports a set of five sensors, one for each fingertip; these sensors are responsive to tapping and scrubbing and they will allow you to create rhythms and all sorts of sounds with your hand.

A simple and nifty idea

On the back of the glove, Petr Hampl placed a small round piece that is the recorder and the Bluetooth transmitter. Basically, it will create the sounds, have them beamed in real time to the Bluetooth-enabled headphones but at the same time also store them for you to edit later. In fewer and simpler words, the Portable Idea Creator will let you create some beats with your hand and record your ideas for later.

You can then get home, unload the tracks and see whether you can pull your next big hit from what you recorded during your train trip or during your waiting in queue for the dentist!