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ProKeys Sono Series – The Songwriter’s Scratchpad

November 21, 2008

The M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88 and ProKeys Sono 61 are the world’s first digital pianos with built-in audio interface technology.


As such, these instruments offer musicians, songwriters and keyboardists a wide range of possibilities—from performing live with a laptop to recording tracks in the studio. ProKeys Sono digital pianos also function in standalone mode, allowing you to play the onboard sounds and collaborate with other musicians without connecting to a computer. There are literally dozens of ways to use the Sono series, and you’ll no doubt discover many more. But for now, let’s examine a few common use cases and see how ProKeys Sono can help bridge the gap between stage and studio

With a built-in 2 x 2 audio interface and dual headphone outputs, ProKeys Sono is perfect for jamming along with others. The audio interface is automatically active in standalone mode—even with no computer attached. All of the analog inputs, plus the built-in keyboard sounds are automatically routed to the main analog outputs and dual headphone jacks.


The Songwriter’s Scratchpad

For many musicians, it’s an all-too familiar situation: You think of a great song idea and run to the studio—only to find yourself wasting five minutes booting up the computer, loading software patches and troubleshooting faulty patch cable connections. By the time you’re up and running, another great idea is lost.

ProKeys Sono offers an appealing alternative—simply turn it on and start playing. You don’t need a computer to access the high-quality built-in sounds. And since ProKeys Sono 88 and ProKeys Sono 61 are lightweight enough to travel with, you’ll always be ready when the inspiration strikes.

Tip: In addition to the high-quality onboard sounds like grand piano, electric piano, organ and clav, ProKeys Sono digital pianos feature a built-in General MIDI soundset—offering 128 additional instruments plus drums and percussion. The octave (data) buttons on ProKeys Sono will let you scroll through the sounds, which include string patches, synth pads and sound effects. You might even want to download the user guide and print out Appendix A, which lists the General MIDI instruments by name.