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Have you got GAS? (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

December 2, 2008


Have you got GAS? (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)….I know have! The term “GAS” was coined by Walter Becker in 1996 in his article G.A.S. in Guitar Player as “Guitar Acquisition Syndrome”. The term started to be frequently used by guitarists and spread out to other people of creative professions who were familiar with similar tendencies. As it no longer concerned guitars only, GAS became a backronym for “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”.

GAS is NOT the same thing as collecting. In fact, many people find that the collecting of instruments is as much a joy as playing them (particularly if you have the financial means to collect).

GAS differs in that the compulsive need to “tweak your rig” supersedes the desire to improve as a player, compose music, record, (and if you have aspirations of playing professionally) seek gigs. Another common trait of a GAS-inflicted individual is the tendency to impulsively trade in a perfectly good piece of equipment for a seemingly more desirable piece of equipment (often at a loss of money) and later regret the transaction. Remember also GAS is highly contagious, however particulary amongst guitarists!

According to Wiki ” GAS is similar in many ways to very mild obsessive compulsive disorder.” GAS hasn’t received any major medical attention as GAS is not a clinical, but a psychological condition. Dear me, worring thought that! So to avoid ‘Gear Acquisition Syndrome’ one needs to stop “trial and error” purchases and save money and hassle by making educated purchase. slashs-guitar-collection

The goal here is to get stuff that you’re happy with and makes you sound good… not stuff you’ll wanna sell on in six months.

It’s all about product research and that’s what we at Dolphin Music are here to help YOU with! What are your thoughts on this subject??

Do any of our readers suffer from GAS??

We would be keen to hear about your problems and let our specialists diagnose the right solution to you.

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