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Sweden Takes Internet Pirates To Jail!

April 21, 2009


The “game” of internet piracy has been escalating over the past few months; becoming a trial of who can enlist the strictest rules and combat the most “pirates.” Well, we’re going to say Sweden is the first place contender in this pirate capturing battle, having convicted four men who were linked to a popular file-sharing site, The Pirate Bay. Anyone think of sending the RIAA to Somalia?

The four men involved with the file-sharing site, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, and Carl Lundstorm were all sentenced to a year in prison by the Stockholm district court, and were ordered to pay over $3 million dollars back to various media and entertainment groups like Columbia, according to Yahoo! News. The four men were convicted on charges that said they assisted millions of users to download music, movies and computer games for free, violating Sweden’s copyright law.

Despite Pirate Bay not actually hosting any of the illegal content, the court said the men helped users break copyright laws “by providing a Web site with sophisticated search functions, simple download and storage capabilities.”  According to Yahoo! News Swedish officials cracked under scrutiny from the U.S. who cracked down on The Pirate Bay three years ago.


Karaoke UK Singmaxx 520

January 28, 2009

Fantastic `All in One’ Portable Karaoke, roughly the size of an iPhone! Take it to parties, camping or wherever else you need some good Karaoke fun! Bring people together, have fun and showcase your talent anytime, anywhere!

This is a full function karaoke player, except for a difference – it fits in your pocket! The best karaoke player around? You bet!!!

It supports MP3 + G (CDG) and all video formats. It also supports background photo slideshows when you playback karaoke songs.

It comes with two microphones, for sing along and duets!

The A/V output jack allows you to connect the SingMaxx 520 to a TV or to a hi-fi stereo system. Through the “TV hotkey” it’s easy to switch display between TV and the player’s LCD.

Karaoke Functions:

  • vocal remove on/ off
  • echo effect
  • key shift control
  • mic volume control
  • master volume control
  • embedded with 2GB/ 4GB flash memory plus Micro SD card slot (SDHC interface, up to 32 GB). The player allows you to store over 1000 karaoke videos or 2200 MP3+G (CDG) karaoke songs (4GB flash + 8 GB SD  card)

Audio Functions:

  • touch sensitive keys to browse your music and photo library slideshow while listening to the music. Up to six EQ modes.
  • supports MP3, WMA, WAV
  • supports PlayForSure and Windows Media Player 10 & 11.

Photo Functions:

  • display your photographs on your TV!
  • create and organize photo albums
  • picture preview (5×5 thumbnails)
  • photo slideshow with background music and transition effects

Extra Functions:

  • games – built in GBC, NES emulators, supportsini games.
  • digital voice recording to WAV format (option to choose diferent bit rates)
  • supports line-in recording
  • Window Media Player sync
  • dual USB modes
  • hight speed OTG integrated – acts as USB host, transfer to hard drives and digital cameras and other MP3/ MP4 players.
  • user defined wallpaper
  • display battery charge
  • user defined power off time


  • All-in-One Portable Karaoke Player ( 2.4” LCD, 262Ê Colors, 320X240 Pix Resolution)
  • Two dynamic mics
  • AV Cable
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Earphones
  • Power Adapter
  • Carrying Bag
  • Manual
  • Software CD-Rom

Free your music from your Computer

November 4, 2008

You already have a large amount of Mp3’s and downloads on your PC right?

But every time you want to listen to a song you have to either hook up leads equipment and listen to it near your computer or transfer it to an external device or disc. Not always an ideal situation.

Imagine having your PC as the central brain and having separate modules in every room ’streaming live ‘ from your own music collection.
Imagine having it stream to 30 or so different locations (zones) in your home.

Well it seems It’s easy to move your music around your home network using a media extender.

Learn how to free yourself from cables and start streaming your tunes!

Sonos have  a system called the Bu15 which can do just that.

Play any song. In any room. From anywhere.

Sonos™ is the first and only digital music system that lets you play all your digital music, all over your house – and control it all from the palm of your hand. Best of all, you don’t need a PC in every room, a music server or a wireless network. Just a Sonos™ ZonePlayer, speakers in the rooms of your choice and a Sonos™ Controller in hand to access all your digital music, no matter where it’s stored – on your PC, Mac or Network Attached Storage box.

SimplySonos have had experience in using and installing Sonos™ from the outset of product availability, so we have the expertise to help you with your own installation in order that you gain maximum enjoyment from it.

Source: Sonos’ own website