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Digidesign introduces Pro Tools 8

October 8, 2008

Digidesign has introduced Pro Tools 8 — advanced audio creation and production software

Digidesign announced the release of the new Pro Tools® 8, the next evolution of the widely-used music creation and audio production software. Completely updated with a new user interface, over 70 plug-ins and virtual instruments, fully-integrated MIDI and score editors, and an expanded array of editing features, the new Pro Tools 8 software (which includes Pro Tools|HD®, Pro Tools LE®, and Pro Tools M-Powered™), provides everything users need to create, compose, score, record, mix, produce and broadcast all in one powerful application. , Calif., AES Convention, Booth #701 (October 3, 2008)

“Pro Tools 8 benefits from the valuable feedback we received from our dedicated Pro Tools creative community, along with Avid’s passion for creating great audio and video tools that move technology forward,” explains Dave Lebolt, Avid senior vice president and chief technology officer. “Our customers provide a comprehensive real-world knowledge base that we draw upon for inspiration and guidance. It’s a synergy of size and scope unique to Pro Tools in the world of audio. We are very excited to deliver the latest results of this partnership back to our customers in the form of Pro Tools 8.”

At first glance, the most noticeable new feature in Pro Tools 8 is its striking user interface, which has been stylishly enhanced with a more modern color palette, as well as higher-contrast text and graphics. This redesigned user interface frames a dramatically expanded set of creative tools and a host of features for music creators, editors, mixers, and post production professionals. All the key Pro Tools functions that users rely on are still right where they should be, but enhancements, such as dockable Editor windows and a configurable Edit window toolbar, make it easier to navigate than ever before.

For composers and musicians, Pro Tools 8 provides powerful functionality for streamlining the creative process, as well as a robust bundle of over 70 plug-ins and virtual instruments, which deliver the most versatile sonic palette ever available out-of-the-box for Pro Tools.

And here’s what’s new:

  • New Look and Interactivity — Sporting a sleek new look, Pro Tools 8 is as easy on the eyes as it is to use.
  • A Well-Stocked Studio — Pro Tools 8 comes fully packed with a huge, comprehensive collection of music creation and sound processing plug-ins, giving you a well stocked studio right out of the box.
  • More Tracks Than Ever — Got Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools M-Powered? Get ready to create even larger mixes than ever.
  • Score Your Music — The new Score Editor lets you view, edit, arrange, and print MIDI data as music notation.
  • Complete MIDI Production — If you use virtual instruments and MIDI, Pro Tools 8 features a comprehensive array of new MIDI tools.
  • Transpose with Elastic Pitch — As a complement to Pro Tools software’s powerful Elastic Time tempo and time manipulating tool, Pro Tools 8 introduces Elastic Pitch, which allows you to effortlessly manipulate or correct the pitch of any audio region in real time, right inside the Edit window.
  • Comp Tracks to Perfection — Creating flawless performances is easier than ever.
  • New Editing and Mixing Capabilities — Pro Tools 8 equips your system with even more editing and mixing capabilities.
  • Expanded Pro Tools|HD Features — Pro Tools HD 8 extends the extensive capabilities of Digidesign’s Pro Tools|HD audio hardware with the new Satellite Link option, which allows you to control up to five Pro Tools|HD systems as one.

More Great New Features — Pro Tools 8 is chock full of many other amazing new features that’ll help you become more efficient, inspire your creativity, and provide more flexibility for your workflow needs. Here’s what you can experience when Pro Tools 8 hits the streets:

  • Check for Updates feature keeps Pro Tools and your plug-ins up to date.
  • Windows Vista (32-bit Business or Ultimate) support on Pro Tools|HD.
  • QuickTime HD support on Mac OS X-based systems.
  • Enhanced session open and close times on Pro Tools|HD.
  • Supports files up to 4 GB in size, letting you work with longer files with higher sample rates.

New Toolkits for Pro Tools Available Soon…

Digidesign is announcing two new Pro Tools® software expansion options. Music Production Toolkit 2 expands the creative powers of Pro Tools LE® and Pro Tools M-Powered™ systems, providing essential virtual instruments and tools for creating and producing music, with up to 64 stereo or mono audio tracks. The all-new Complete Production Toolkit expands the capabilities of Pro Tools LE systems, allowing customers to mix up to 128 audio tracks in 7.1 surround, and get specialized tools and features for music creation and post production. Digidesign also updated DV Toolkit™ 2.

Available soon