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Drum Replacer: Audio to Midi

January 7, 2009

Grant your drums a new lease of life…

Toontrack’s professional drum replacer  from Time+Space!

Stand alone, host independent, multi-track audio to MIDI converter

Drumtracker® is specifically designed to convert drum session audio recordings to MIDI files for drum replacement purposes, Drumtracker® will grant your drums a new lease of life.

FEED > CONVERT > REPLACE, three easy steps to bring your drum tracks into the 21st Century!

The built-in filters in Drumtracker® allow you to quickly detect the most common instruments and specify the velocity threshold for each section of your song. In addition, you may, of course, save your own filter presets to gain valuable time when sound replacing.

Best of all, Drumtracker® lets you select which part or parts of a drum audio track to convert, down to each single hit. You can change the velocity, delete, add or move trigger points to your requirements, giving you manual control of tracking and converting audio to MIDI, to supplement automatic detection.

Audition the triggered parts using Drumtracker® built-in sample library, then, when you are happy with the result, convert the MIDI rendered by Drumtracker® to the mapping system of your favorite drum sampler.


Two brand new cutting-edge electro titles out now from Time+Space

November 12, 2008



Electro Producer Pack

Electro Producer Pack is a massive library of cutting edge Club Electro Sounds. This Producer Pack includes everything that’s needed for a professional electronic production. All sounds are well structured and fit for various genres like house, minimal, trance, hardtechno, dance and jumpstyle.

To facilitate workflow every file is branded with a tempo, furthermore each single synthesizer sound and loop is branded with its own rootkey / key signature, which enables the option to create, within seconds, additional or new content.

Besides the over 1250 Drum and Percussion Sounds, there is an archive which consists of about 150 NO-KICK Drum loops, 540 Synthesizer Loops, 215 Synthesizer Sounds, 550 Sound Effects and 175 Vocoded Voice Loops with tempos ranging from 120 up to 130 bpm. These Samples are 100% State-Of-The-Art.

1.3 GB, 2969 Loops and Samples
Elastik Player included – no sampler required!

RRP Inc: £69.00 / €99.00

For demos and full information visit



Minimal Electro Vibes

From The Nouvelle Series of Ueberschall comes Minimal Electro Vibes. 20 entire construction kits full of pounding bass loops and grooves dedicated to the club scene , deep atmospheres and energetic sound fx. All samples have been specially designed for Minimal Electro , Techno and Tech House.

Minimal Electro Vibes is a very efficient selection of Loops and single sounds ready to use in your Elastic player. The DVD also includes an Ableton Live set!  Throw in the live set and it will keep the crowds moving for hours giving you the freedom of monitoring every individual event and sound change.

All ideas production and mixing by SFYM (Danilo Rispoli & Walter Tumminello) mastering by Danya Vodovoz.

1.5 GB, 20 Construction Kits, 750 Loops and Samples
Elastik Player included – no sampler required!

RRP Inc: £69.00 / €99.00

For demos and full information visit: