Win a A Pair Of Yamaha MSP7 Monitors!

To celebrate the inaugural issue of Music Planet, Dolphin created some really cool competitions…and this one is just GREAT – your chance to win a pair of the new Yamaha MSP7 Monitors!


Yamaha’s monitors always demand scrutiny.

The MSP7 delivers a clear top-end that doesn’t tire over time. The bass extension of the 6.5-inch bass drivers is also very natural and delivers a well reasoned amount of low-end woofer movement without any excessive hype.

For your chance to own a pair of these fantastic studio monitors of the 7-inch bass drivers, just visit this page!


  1. Ahh i cant find a dealer for msp7 speakers in Denmark and are low on cash (student) it would be so awesome wIcKeD!!! if i won those..

    Have a freind who ownes a pair and i love em. Complete my studio yearh

  2. Wow,
    I could really use those for the studio I would like to build.

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