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Yamaha Tenori-On Orange: More Affordable Model, Coming Soon!

November 5, 2009

The new – and cheaper! – version of the popular Tenori-On is arriving soon at Dolphin Music. This instrument has captured the imagination of musicians and producers all over the world, including artists such as chart-topping Little Boots. Find out more about the new model…

Yamaha Tenori-On Orange - new, and more affordable model!

Yamaha Tenori-On Orange – new, and more affordable model! Buy Now Buy Now

The new Yamaha Tenori-On ‘Orange’ offers the same levels of creative power as the original Tenori-On, but has been made significantly more affordable!

For example, Yamaha have replaced the very cool but expensive magnesium casing of the original with a heavy duty and durable plastic casing .

Yamaha Tenori-On Orange. Limited stock arriving soon, pre-order now!

The original Tenori-On became an instant hit worldwide, and has been used by several influential artists such as Massive Attack, Bjork and chart-topping Little Boots. Now, this newer, more affordable version is set to make this incredible and innovative instrument even more popular!

All the same features and spec as the original apart from:

  • No Magnesium alloy body – white plastic frame on this model
  • Has orange LEDs instead of white LEDs
  • No screen on the back of it – has the interface
  • Does not run on batteries – mains only

The Yamaha Tenori-On Orange will be arriving soon at Dolphin…just in time for Christmas! But stock is limited…so pre-order yours now! Visit the Yamaha Tenori-On Orange product page for more info.


NEW! Tascam DP-008 portable 8-track recorder

October 19, 2009

TASCAM culminates 30 years of Portastudio Recording with the DP-008, a portable 8-track recorder for all musicians

Tascam DP-008 portable 8-track recorder

Buy Now Buy Now

TASCAM’s DP-008 is an eight-track multitrack recorder that captures CD-quality audio, two tracks at a time. You can use built-in microphones to grab ideas, plug condenser mics into the XLR inputs or plug a guitar directly in to lay tracks.

There’s even a metronome and chromatic tuner built-in for tight-sounding tracks. The Tascam DP-008 also allows you to digitally bounce tracks to make room for more, and touches like editing and undo make recording stress-free.

Each track on the DP-008 has its own row of knobs for level, pan and effects, just like our classic cassette Portastudios of the past. The effects knob sends to a built-in stereo reverb processor with hall, room, stage and other effects. Each track also has EQ to tailor the sound for your mix. When your song is complete, mix it to a dedicated stereo track while riding levels and flipping pan as much as you want. You can export your mix, or even individual tracks, as a WAV or MP3 file.

TASCAM invented the home recording studio with the original cassette Portastudio. The DP-008 takes the ease-of-use of those classic songwriting tools and adds portability, digital sound quality, effects and mixdown to bring home recording into the 21st century. Simplify your recording workflow with TASCAM DP-008.

For specifications, please visit the Tascam DP-008 product page


4 Weeks Of Rode: Shop With Dolphin, Enter to win a Rode M3 Mic!

April 28, 2009

It couldn’t be easier! Buy anything from the Dolphin Music website, between 24th April and 24th May, and you’ll be entered to win a Rode M3 condenser microphone! Dolphin Music 4 mics to give away, and will be picking a winner each week! Good luck!

Rode M3Want a Rode M3? Shop with Dolphin between 24/04 and 24/05 and you may be one of the 4 lucky winners!*

Whether you want to record acoustic guitars, mic a guitar cab or record drums, you’ll find that the Rode M3 offers outstanding condenser microphone that works great in the most diverse recording situations.

The Rode M3 is an extremely versatile microphone that is at home in the studio, on location, or wherever a low-noise wide-response cardioid condenser microphone is demanded.

An end address condenser microphone, the Rode M3 features a heavy-duty metal body, category leading low self-noise, three stage PAD (O, -10db, -20db), a battery status LED and a High Pass Filter.

The M3 also comes complete with windshield and a stand mount, and can be powered via a 9V battery or 24-48V Phantom.

  • Rugged metal body
  • Internal capsule shock mount
  • Switchable High-Pass Filter @ 80Hz-12dB/Oct
  • Three step PAD – Flat, -10dB and -20dB
  • Low handling noise
  • Heat treated high strength head mesh
  • 9V battery power or 24/48V phantom power
  • Battery status indicatorWhat’s Your Need?Rode M3: Guitars, drums and acoustic guitar

    Live or in the studio? Electric guitar, acoustic guitar or dums? The Rode M3 is suitable for a wide range of applications. Recording, stage, and location work are all well within the capabilities of this microphone. Its low noise and full frequency response ensure the sound quality is at a standard that is expected by today’s musicians and engineers.

    You may use either phantom power or 9V battery to operate your M3.


    “The M3 is hard to fault. It’s versatile, projects an open midrange tone… and comes shipped as a total package that’s competitively priced.”

    “the M3 is a hugely flexible microphone that will produce a good result almost irrespective of the application for which you intend to use it. The inclusion of a pad switch and high-pass filter on a microphone of this type and cost is almost unprecedented”

    “A well engineered microphone that is capable of handling just about anything, with a remarkable degree of competence for the price.”

    *Every customer who makes a purchase at between 24th April and 24th May 2009, will automatically be entered to win a brand new Rode M3 condenser microphone, worth £90 SRP.  One winner will be announced each week, starting Friday 1st May, then Friday 8th May, Friday 15th May and finally Monday 25th May. Good luck!



    I•ONIX U42S Lexicon ® streamlines the desktop recording interface

    April 23, 2009


    Brilliantly designed, The Lexicon I·ONIX U42S USB 2.0 Audio Interface Desktop of the I·ONIX Recording Series fits where it makes the most sense, between your keyboard and monitor. With all monitor and input level controls at your fingertips, you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of it before.

    The Lexicon IONIX U42S USB 2.0 Audio Interface features the newly designed dbx microphone preamps on every channel, the I·ONIX series is more than equipped to provide professional recordings that keep your music sounding its best.

    The Lexicon I·ONIX U42S records four analogue and two digital channels simultaneously.

    The Lexicon I·ONIX U42S USB 2.0 Audio Interface main features include:

    • USB 2.0 connection to DAW – up to 480Mbps
    • 44.1 to 96kHz sample rates, 24-bit resolution
    • Analogue ¼” and XLR combi-jack inputs on the rear panel for mic/line inputs
    • Analogue ¼” TRS (Stereo Main) outputs
    • dbx® high-voltage, ultra-low noise mic preamp’s on all analogue mic/line inputs
    • Supports Windows® and Mac® platforms 48V phantom power for each input pair
    • Input signal metering via 8 LED’s per channel Signal mixing and stereo bus signal metering
    • ¼” high output headphone connection(s)
    • MIDI In/Out
    • Zero latency monitoring
    • Low latency ASIO drivers
    • Lexicon Pantheon II VST/AU reverb plug-in
    • Software suite includes Steinberg®’s Cubase® LE4, and Toontrack® EZdrummer® Lite


    • Combi-jack Analogue Inputs: 4
    • Simult. Recording Sources: 6
    • Microphone Preamps: 4
    • Hi-Z Instrument Inputs: 2
    • S/PDIF
    • MIDI
    • Headphone Connections: 2
    • ¼” TRS Analog Outputs: 2

    Don’t sacrifice your desktop or your music.

    You care intensely about your music. It’s more than a pastime – it’s a passion. Lexicon understands your passion and it inspires us to innovate. Brilliantly designed, the I·ONIX Desktop Recording Series fits where it makes the most sense, between your keyboard and monitor. With all the level meters and gain controls at your fingertips when using your DAW, you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of it before.

    Featuring newly designed dbx® 60V high-voltage, ultra-low noise mic preamps on all 4 channels, the I•ONIX U42S is more than equipped to provide professional recordings that keep your music sounding its best. The preamps run on a high-voltage supply to guarantee stability and provide you with a superior recording across a wide dynamic range. Performance driven A/D – D/A converters ensure pristine 24-bit/96kHz audio to capture every subtle detail of your performance.

    The I•ONIX U42S can record four tracks at once and includes 4 combi-jack mic/line inputs with +48V phantom power, 2 TRS balanced line outputs, 2 hi-Z instrument inputs, 2 high power 1/4″ headphone outputs, S/PDIF and MIDI I/O. Dedicated knobs and meters offer easy access to input and output levels and locking combi-jacks make sure that a connection is not lost in the middle of a performance.

    Pantheon Hall

    The Lexicon name is synonymous with “the world’s best reverb.” The Pantheon™ II VST/AU reverb plug-in features 6 reverb types with 16 adjustable parameters, and 35 factory presets that range from Vocal to Live Sound and Special Effects. It’s easy to complete your mix and make your music sound its best with the exquisitely rich, full reverbs that made Lexicon famous.

    No compromise performance – ergonomic brilliance.
    Pure genius.



    TC-Helicon announce VoiceTone Synth – radical vocal processing in a pedal

    April 7, 2009

    Incredible new vocal processing pedal from TC-Helicon…

    TC Helicon VoiceTone Synth

    The new TC Helicon VoiceTone Synth brings together a collection of extreme exotic and contemporary sonic effects, including jagged HardTuneTM effects, classic Vocoder effects, a voice-controlled synthesizer and vocal distortion and megaphone effects. Now vocalists or anyone looking to add a modern edge to their live performances and studio productions can dial-in these effects instantly with the press of a footswitch.

    The jagged, stair-stepped vocal sound of key-based hard tuning is everywhere in contemporary R&B, Hip Hop and Electronica. This feature has eluded the majority of performing musicians until VoiceTone Synth came along. Now musicians can produce this effect live by simply recalling a preset and hitting the ‘On’ button. Easy key input methods include auto-instrument sensing or pushbuttons with a clear display of the current key. Other features of the HardTune effect include dry voice mixing, octave shift and character modification.

    The vocoder in VoiceTone Synth is called ‘Massive-Band’ for a reason. It effectively scales resolution from ultra-clearly-enunciated Robot voices to the sound of the classic, analog low-band-count vocoders we all know and love. The benefit is that, while typical vocoders require a lot of pre-processing like distortion and EQ to hear the effect properly, with the VoiceTone Synth vocoder effect you can input signals such as clean acoustic guitar and vocode perfectly for sounds that until now have been impossible to achieve.

    Voice-controlled Synth
    The Vocoder also features a voice-controlled synth mode – considered by many as the Holy Grail for vocoding. Prior to VoiceTone Synth, vocoding required your voice (the exciter), and an instrument input (the carrier) to make cool vocoded sounds. Of course VoiceTone Synth supports the dual input method, but for artists who don’t have another instrument or don’t play one, VoiceTone Synth can generate a synth part directly from your vocal and vocode that. The result? Generated vocoder parts with one input: your voice.

    VoiceTone Synth – key features
    • HardTune effect with user-selectable key or instrument-sensing
    • Vocoder carrier can be driven by internal voice-controlled synth or instrument input (such as guitar)
    • Transducer effects, such as megaphones, distortion and radio voices
    • All effects can run simultaneously
    • Includes Tone feature for adaptive live engineer sound processing
    • Presets that can be edited and stored
    • Instrument Thru allows normal instrument amplification and vocoding


    TC-Helicon VoiceTone Synth Guitar Effects Pedal

    Check the TC-Helicon VoiceTone range of FX pedals!


    M-Audio Introduces New Studiophile CX Series Active Studio Reference Monitors

    April 1, 2009

    Best-in-class monitors provide an expansive soundstage as well as customizable controls for greater flexibility in any listening environment

    New Studiophile CX monitors by M-Audio

    Tewksbury, Mass, March 26, 2009 — M-Audio, a part of Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) has introduced the new Studiophile® CX8 and CX5 studio monitors, which are designed to bring accurate monitoring to any mixing environment. The Studiophile CX series builds upon M-Audio’s best-selling studio monitor line, and delivers excellent off-axis response, minimal distortion and a full complement of Acoustic Space controls. Now, customers will be equipped with studio monitors that deliver accurate performance and the flexibility to adapt to any production space.

    Available in 8-inch (CX8) and 5-inch (CX5) configurations, the Studiophile CX series monitors deliver well-balanced sound and superior detail in a wide range of environments. The new monitors feature a custom-designed waveguide that deliver an expansive soundstage – ultimately offering customers more flexibility in the production suite. The Studiophile CX5 monitor is tailored towards smaller mixing rooms, home studios or workstation areas where users require quality audio referencing. The Studiophile CX8 monitor is ideal for mid-to-large size mixing and referencing environments.

    New features in the Studiophile CX monitor line include: 

    •  Exceptional design integration: Provides superior headroom with exceptionally accurate and efficient frequency response, minimizing distortion and allowing for longer duration listening. Engineers will now hear a more accurate mix – ensuring consistent playback across a broad range of speaker systems; 
    • OptImage IV high-performance waveguide: Improves off-axis clarity, providing users a much wider soundstage than traditional waveguides. As a result, the listening area can accommodate several people – allowing for multiple individuals to hear an accurate representation of the mix during post production sessions; 
    • A full complement of customizable Acoustic Space controls: Enables users to customize frequency response and optimize the monitoring experience – even in the most difficult acoustic environments; 
    • Custom low-frequency Kevlar drivers: Provides tight bass response and long-lasting durability; and 
    • Efficient high-frequency drivers: Delivers an exceptional high-frequency response up to 30kHz, so that users experience smooth, transparent highs – even in the midst of challenging placement and listening conditions.

    “The CX monitors extend our position as a leader in the studio monitor market and reset the performance expectations for monitors in this class,” said Richard Ngo-Tran, segment marketing manager at Avid. “By delivering superior quality and increased performance, we’ve equipped our customers with tools that enable them to make better creative decisions, which ultimately drives success in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive market.”

    View Products:

    M-Audio Studiophile CX5 (single)

    M-Audio Studiophile CX8 (single)


    Upgrade any Microphone! Affordable XLR to USB Converter from Blue

    March 11, 2009

    Blue Icicle

    The Icicle is Blue’s new stylish USB converter and mic preamp combo that allows you to connect any XLR microphone directly into your computer via USB! The Icicle features a studio quality microphone preamp, 48V phantom power, fully balanced low noise front end, analog gain control, and driverless operation.


    Setup is a snap! The Blue Icicle works with both dynamic and condenser microphones, providing high quality and hassle-free connectivity with Mac or PC. Whether you’re using a microphone for digital recording, podcasting, voice messaging, or voice recognition applications, the Icicle is the quick and easy way to get connected.

    Hook UP Diagram

    Blue Icicle XLR to USB Mic Converter/Mic Preamp Specifications:

    • Sample/Word: 44.1K/16 bit
    • Power Consumption: 200mA (from USB bus)

    System Requirements:

    • Macintosh: Mac OSX with USB 1.0 or 2.0 and 64 MB RAM (minimum)
    • Windows: XP Home Edition, Professional or Vista with USB 1.0 or 2.0 and 64 MB RAM (minimum)

    Blue Icicle XLR to USB Mic Converter/Mic Preamp Features:

    • Works with Mac or PC computers
    • No Special Drivers Required
    • Studio Quality USB microphone preamp
    • Supplies 48V phantom power for . condenser microphones
    • Phantom power active light
    • Fully balanced low noise analog front end
    • Analog gain control
    • Blue Icicle XLR to USB Mic Converter/Mic Preamp Includes:

    Includes 6-ft USB cable